Guest post: Looking up

Guest post: Looking up

Have you ever wanted to curl up in a fetal ball and never leave your bed again?

Not the best idea.

This world is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, the downs feel like they’ll go on forever.

Highly improbable.

Besides, from our Earth-bound perspective (actually, probably from any perspective), there’s way the heck more up than down. If you don’t believe me, look up when the sky is clear.

On a bright, sunshiny day, you can look past low, wispy clouds into the deeper blue that stretches to the edges of our vision and into forever.

On a dark, cloudless night, you can glimpse the infinite, seeing stars that are light years away.

Any day at all, looking down, you can see only the ground beneath your feet. Even if anyone ever did manage to dig that hole through the Earth between Somewhere, USA and Anywhere, China, and if that very tired someone could see clear through to the other side, even so, only several thousand miles of ground would be viewable. Besides, because of Earth’s hemispheres, down eventually becomes up, and that’s the same in both directions, no matter how you look at it.

Down is limited.

Down also comprises the floofy feathers that fill comforters and pillows.

Down is, well, fluffy.

Not that down is fluffy and white the way a spectacular feline in Suite B is fluffy and floofy and every way fantastical. Yes, I speak of Faye in all of her fabulousity.  Whether she’s on the ramp or on top of cubbies, we can look up at Faye and into infinity. THOSE EYES!

Elliot is one smooth little dude who always looks up to Faye. He’s an uproarious and aspiring little star. Elliot’s pilot light is always on. Every second, that boy shines.

In the lobby, it’s the tremendous tabbies who glow with zest and joie de vivre. Disco, Bellamy, Marley, and Boobalah are not to be outdone by some young upstart with a white body and a black tail in one of those fancy suites. They are always up for every cuddle and all of the attention.

Every cat in every space at Tabby’s Place is always up for a meal.

And, as all the kitties demonstrate regularly, “onwards and upwards” is the way at Tabby’s Place, and it’s easy to emulate.

So, if you find yourself wanting to curl up into a ball because you feel a bit down, curl up like a Tabby’s Place cat instead. After a nice nap in a sun spot, everything will start looking up.

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  1. If you find yourself wanting to curl up into a ball, come to the blog on the Tabby’s Place website. Read a few entries. You will find your smile again.

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