Gender Female
Breed DLH
Declawed No
Color Black White
Markings Tuxedo
Personality Friendly Affectionate Reserved
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Cautious
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 17 years
Special Considerations

Rhinitis, nasal cancer

Attention, lovers of long-haired felines! We know you’re out there, and we have a young lady you’ll want to consider adding to your family. Our Sophia is a lovely black-and-white girl with gorgeous long hair. She is usually dressed to impress with her luxurious mane, but every once in awhile it gets a little matted and we have to shave her during her “spa days.” Any adopter would have to be prepared to brush her frequently.

Those who know Sophia best will tell you right away that she can be a little bit of a princess. She’s very independent, gentle, and rather reserved in temperament.. She does enjoy human attention but she doesn’t like a lot of people in her face. When we moved her into our lobby, she quickly took over the front desk from a very strong-willed feline. Sophia would do best in a quiet home, without small children.

Right now, Sophia has nasal cancer. Her prognosis is uncertain, and we are doing a good deal of testing. We know that not everyone can welcome a cat like Sophia into their lives, but if you’re one of the special folks who can, we urge you to come in to meet her.

If you believe that Sophia is a good match for you, we urge you to come in to meet her. We know you’ll be won over by her beauty, just as we have been.

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