Epilogues: February 2020

Epilogues: February 2020

This, my dears, was no ordinary February.

This was the big one.


Pardon me. The only appropriate use of the words “the big one” at Tabby’s Place is in reference to Dumpling. Mea culpa.

But still, this February…it hulked.

We’re talking twenty-nine toasty days of unseasonable warmth, huge happenings, and leaping feline largesse. Many a month gives us cause for thanksgiving, but few scale the summits of February.

So before we March forth too swiftly, let’s honor the twenty-nine days that were:

Arrived: Spike; Tootsie; Judy; Sketch; Peanut; Lucinda; Scofield; Veronica; Katie; Susan; Maricruz; Sara; Gogi; Twister; Linda; Sanfour; Bounty; Fernando; Sasha; Sabrina

Adopted: Candace; Hana; Polly; Thalia; Wilson; April; Tiggs; Sage; Gose; Kolsch; Spike; Jack; BooBear; Blueberry; Chloe

Returned: Wilson

We are all feeling Tipsy these days

Cleared from Quarantine: Snippers (pictured in top thumbnail); Anita; Fenek; Finn; Pierogi; Cecil; Sesame

Cleared from Ringworm: Tadpole; Toad; Topache

Banished to Ringworm: Circe; Figaro; Talena

Promoted to the Lobby: Cotton

Promoted to the Community Room: Beatty; Bing; Tipsy

Promoted to Heaven: Kirk; Newman; Jupiter

The gauntlet has been thrown down, March. Do your thirty-one days dare to rival fat February’s splendor? Color us ready. Or at least shamrock-shake green.

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  1. Wonderful adoptions! The big and the little and the sweet and the shy ones, all going to awesome adopters! A time for laughter and a time for tears. Kirk – Newman – wonderful, loving cats – Jupiter, we are glad Tabby’s Place was your last glimpse this side of heaven. P.S. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

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