Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black
Markings Solid
Personality Playful Friendly Affectionate Outgoing
How I Feel About Children Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 5 years
Special Considerations

No eyes – blind

Beatty is a survivor.

Beatty and two of his siblings were found by a homeless family down in North Carolina when they were just a few weeks old. This family reached out to a Pet Food Pantry for assistance, and when their new foster momma laid eyes on them, she knew she had to act fast. All three were in bad conditions – young, fragile, sick, and suffering from congenital conditions. One brother sadly passed shortly after seeing the vet, but Beatty and his surviving brother Bing received round the clock care from their devoted Fosterer.

Beatty and Bing were both born with microphthalmia, meaning that their eyes did not form correctly and were too small. Beatty’s case was more severe and his eyes were non-functional. His foster mom decided that it was in his best interest to have his eyes removed, as they were a source of infection. Beatty doesn’t miss his eyes, as he never had his sight.

Eventually, Beatty’s foster mom made the brave decision to reach out to rescues to find a more permanent home for these boys, and they made the long trek up north to Tabby’s Place. The boys immediately entranced the staff and volunteers with their spunk, energy, and fearlessness.

Beatty, luckily, continues to be happy and healthy. He is as adventurous as ever and spends his days climbing all over cat trees and crates and scratching posts and tables. He loves to get up on the desks where some of our staff work and sniff out all their belongings, searching for anything of interest to play with. He loves to chase wand toys and play with all the other cats in the Community Room (even if they don’t always want to play with him!). On slow days, Beatty often tries to escape his room so that he can be wherever all the people are! He may be blind, but it doesn’t slow him down one bit.

Beatty’s blindness is not a handicap. This inquisitive little fellow doesn’t know that he’s any different from any sighted cat and he has no issues getting around. He has amazed many visitors and volunteers with his ability to navigate and learned his new surroundings in a mere afternoon! He has an unbreakable, adventurous spirit and loves people and cats alike. He would be a wonderful addition to an active household where he can have lots of time to play and snuggle.

This amazing little cat deserves an equally amazing home. Could that be with you? Come and visit Beatty and all his feline friends during our public hours. Please see our Visit Us page for updated information.

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