Special Update for Newman

Special Update for Newman

Dearest Newman sponsors,

I’m sorry for the inevitable scare of receiving a special update, and doubly sorry for the news it brings. We’ve had to say “goodbye” to sweet Newman.

As you know so well, Newman faced a multitude of medical issues over the years, but always with a sunny spirit and a boundless heart of love. Despite FIV, a liver shunt, and then two types of cancer, Newman lived his life as an unbroken song of grace. It seemed wrong that such a deeply good soul should have to suffer so many medical issues, but Newman took them all in stride.

His golden years brought a goldmine of bliss, as he found his fabulous foster mom, Tabby’s Place volunteer Marin, and her husband. In a very real way, Newman experienced a preview of heaven here on earth through their unfailing love.

If that love could have saved Newman, he would have lived forever. But in February, he stopped eating and became lethargic, and blood work revealed significant autoimmune abnormalities. We brought Newman to world-class specialists, but even they were stumped by his results. Working together, our vet team, the specialists, and Newman’s phenomenal family did everything we could to treat his symptoms.

After rallying briefly, Newman stopped responding to treatment. With tears and love, we all agreed it was time to let him go yesterday.

We are heartbroken beyond expression at Tabby’s Place. Newman was such a force of life, from his tumble of extra toes to his unsinkable kindness, that the whole world feels smaller and sadder without him. Our hearts ache especially for Marin and her husband. The bond they share with Newman is everlasting, but the loss is vast indeed. Please keep this extraordinary family in your thoughts and prayers. Marin writes:

“Newman passed away peacefully in our arms. This time, it was a battle we could not win. It was a rare disease we did not know the treatment for, but it was meant to be. Words cannot express what a loss we feel, but I will try.

Our special boy…little did we know, when we took you home three years ago, how much joy you would bring into our lives. You made our little family complete, and you will always have a piece of our hearts.

You were one awesome cat, with a unique and kind soul. What a voice we didn’t know you had! So many different sounds for everything. We’ve had many full back-and- forth conversations.

You were our ‘old cat,’ but you were also our baby. You were the first to greet us when we got home, needy for food, but we didn’t mind. You were our snuggle buddy, and our shadow following us everywhere we went. We never missed not having a dog, because we had a cat that would come running when we called, sit on command, and walk outside on a harness.

When you were diagnosed with two kinds of cancer and numerous illnesses, we saw what a fighter you were. Thank you for giving us two more great and energetic years after those diagnoses. How could one little black-and-white furball steal our hearts so much?

Newman, you were a one of a kind cat. I can’t believe you’re gone. Life without you is going to be rough to get used to. We are going to miss and love you forever. Thank you for the life you gave us, and how much of a survivor you were.”

Thank you, dear Marin, for giving Newman the love of his lifetime.

Wonderful sponsors, please know that, thanks to you, our sorrow is softened with gratitude. A cat with Newman’s medical history shouldn’t “reasonably” expect to find a haven at an animal shelter or sanctuary; he’s just too challenging, just too expensive.

But because you, Newman’s foster family, and Tabby’s Place chose to love beyond “reason,” Newman knew a full life and the fullness of joy. Thanks to Newman, we are all forever changed for the better, the sunnier, the kinder.

Words can’t fully express all of our gratitude for your generosity and faithful friendship to Newman. On behalf of Newman’s foster family, his Tabby’s Place family, and all the cats and people he loved so well, thank you from the depths of my heart.

Your guest correspondent,

Note: Since dear Newman has passed away, we have transferred your sponsorship to another cat in need: lively little Luna. Like Newman, Luna is blessed with a gigantic zest for life. We hope she will touch your heart as much as she has ours. You can read about Luna here, and you’ll receive her very first update later this month.

If you prefer, you can select a different Special Needs cat to sponsor. Click here to meet all our Special Needs cats, and contact us by email if you’d like to transfer your sponsorship. Otherwise, you will receive updates on Luna each month going forward. As always, your generous support will go where it’s most needed.

Thank you for your love and generosity to Newman. The Tabby’s Place cats are deeply fortunate to have you in their lives.