Luna found her way to Tabby’s Place from a shelter in Kansas, where she was first diagnosed with severe dermatitis and food sensitivities. To say that Luna has “skin issues” is putting it mildly. When Luna arrived, you could barely see her cute, imploring eyes as she was so red, crusty, and swollen.

Luna was so uncomfortable that she could hardly stand to exist in her own skin. Her frequent attempts to scratch herself against whatever she could find had left her face reddened and raw. She craved human touch, yet cowered as it came with unbearable itching. When she arrived, we tried everything we could think of to relieve her discomfort.

She began to find relief, and we were soon able to know the charming Luna resting within. Luna has been diagnosed with eosinophilic dermatitis, which can manifest in erosion, ulceration, and crusting of her skin. At the time of her arrival at Tabby’s Place, she was also experiencing a secondary bacterial infection on some areas of her damaged skin. She has food sensitivities that can make her symptoms flare aggressively and rapidly.  Despite all of this, Luna is brave, young, sweet, inquisitive, and, well, a bit of a lunatic.

Luna’s frequent crusty appearance belies her youth. But bring out an enrichment toy, and you will not be disappointed. Luna packs the curiosity and spirit of several young cats into one petite package.

Love and snuggles abound when you are in the presence of Luna. She has a prominent purr and loves to curl up in a warm lap, perch on a firm shoulder, or rub her face all over your own. The latter habit can make the human on the receiving end feel very loved (and perhaps a little damp with drool). But Luna’s affectionate behavior has the added personal benefit of providing a soft surface for facial exfoliation.

It is a bit of a challenge to work in the Medical suite with Luna as an assistant. When she is not perched on your shoulder or resting on the file you are trying to access, she is likely scaling the heights of the cabinetry, which leads to an inevitable jump when you least expect it.

Luna doesn’t understand why so many tempting smells and tastes are kept from her. She has been known to get herself stuck in a tall trash can in search of forbidden food, so everyone who works and cleans in the medical suite needs to take extra precautions. We use metal bowls for food, water, and litter to reduce her potential exposure to contaminants and allergens.

Because of her severe food allergies, Luna cannot easily be housed with other cats. This is how Luna came to be one of two cats living in our Medical Suite. Here we can keep careful control over her access to food. Luna loves her Medical Suite, as there is always activity and human companionship. Plus, this is the only suite at Tabby’s Place with a Bair Hugger™ (a medical apparatus that is basically a warm air mattress; we use it for heat support on cats undergoing surgery). Luna believes that it is set up solely for her naptime enjoyment.

It would take a very special circumstance to place Luna in a forever home. Her monthly prescription costs for food and medications are $225, and that does not include any veterinary services that she might require. While Luna could live with another cat, she cannot have access to food (feline or human) other than her prescription diet.

We are more than happy to provide Luna with the tender care that she needs. If you choose to become one of Luna’s sponsors, your support will help to provide all the many necessities that Luna requires to feel comfortable in her own skin. She will certainly thank you.