Guest post: Satisfaction (with just a dash of guilt)

Guest post: Satisfaction (with just a dash of guilt)

Silver linings are of utmost importance right now.

Finding the happy and clinging to it is central to self-preservation.

Cotton in full possession of his powers…and his ego

As I type this, it is my bestie-hubby’s 56th birthday. There are few ways to celebrate, but we’re wallowing in the silver linings of having my mom (his close buddy!) with us, ample take-out options to fill our bellies while tempting our tastebuds, and plentiful good fortune in myriad ways to satisfy need and want without hardship or hard decisions.

Privilege is part of it. We both “had” when we were growing up: everything we needed, much of what we wanted, and opportunities galore. Planning and preparation are also part of it. Being well positioned to manage against financial crisis, we get credit for that.

But, still, there’s that privilege. Hence, there’s a dichotomy of sentiment that’s a little difficult to resolve. I’m a libra thrown out of balance, and it’s weird. It’s even weird that I mention my astrological sign because I don’t “do” astrology. In the face of this weirdness, awkwardness, concern for so many aching, hurting, yearning individuals both human and feline, how to manage the guilt that sometimes accompanies this privilege?

One part of the answer: throw money at it. In part, it’s an answer that comes from a business degree applied to a personal checkbook. Donations to the right causes are good for the economy. They are also really good for the heart, head, and community. Really, really good. Feeding people to free them to focus on anything and everything else is a great first step. It just takes some money…tiny little bits from lots of those who have add up to amazing help for those who do not.

Another way to help right now is to focus on the furry critters we all love so much. When people can’t care for themselves, their pets suffer too. Tabby’s Place, as you know, does the utmost possible to help as many of our furry friends as they can. It isn’t always easy, it isn’t always the desired ideal, and it is not cheap.

If you can’t help by throwing money at it, there are other options. Start by taking care of yourself. Be number one, like Cotton. That little dude knows he’s top…CAT. You are too. It’s easy to satisfy Cotton with love, attention, toys, and treats. What would satisfy you? Do that. Wallow in it. No guilt allowed.

Once you have indulged in some rejuvenating self-care, you may be ready for another part of the answer to rebalancing. Spread the love. Be a Simon or a Luna. Freely give the gift of yourself as they do. Also as they do, recognize the value of the gift of you. It is purr-iceless. We all need you! Not your stuff, not what you edit, not what you hope/worry we will see, just you, as you are, no judgment, no strings.

There are as many solutions to finding satisfaction without guilt as there are fur babies during kitten season. Try on a few, see what fits. Toss what doesn’t, and move on.

Just remember, unlike Carley Rose and Junie-june-junes, ahem, uh, June, we are not purrfect. That only means we keep getting better. Be satisfied with that. Guilt-free.

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