Guest post: Spaces or Spaced Out…Whatevs

Guest post: Spaces or Spaced Out…Whatevs

There are many spaces we inhabit – our homes, our offices, restaurants, libraries, the fabulous cat sanctuary where we share so much of ourselves and get so much in return.

Lately, the spaces where we can spend our time have become very limited, as have the pods we share them with. Seriously, have we become pod people? How retro-50s sci-fi alien flick can we get? Digressing…sorry.

Despite my return to work after Memorial Day, my spaces are fewer than ever…no library, no restaurants (strictly take home), almost no grocery stores (pick-up as much as possible)…just one farmer’s market most weeks, occasionally two, if truly necessary. We’re sharing space with my very special, very high-risk mom. So, fewer spaces are more good for now. Sort of.

I’m going stir crazy. Thanks to the internet, there have been some careful additions to improve our shared space. There have been some flaky additions, too. One thing I’ve noticed: the cats do not care.

It’s a little mystifying.

Cats never seem to care very much about unchanging spaces, and changing spaces only faze them for a little while. They like or don’t like whomever they share with. They prefer or don’t prefer certain things in their space. But, they never seem to crawl the walls simply because of the space in and of itself. They do climb walls for other reasons, but that’s another conversation, largely involving bugs.

As to spaces, what I’d like to know is how the Tabby’s Place cats can be so content in their respective suites and offices without demonstrating the least interest in redecorating, or just finding a different space (well, most of them).

A lucky few do get to travel around in strollers, hang out in timeshare, visit the garden, or, in times past and future, go to visit their senior friends. But, most of the furbies, for most of the time, stick happily to either a suite, office, or solarium.

It is an enviable level of (apparent) contentment that comes with felinicity. Maybe it has to do with lots and lots of sleeping. Maybe.

Clearly, some cats really do benefit from an occasional change of scenery, but the vast majority seem happy with very limited space as long as they are sufficiently entertained and physically spaced out. Some cats may also be spaced out in that other sense too, but, hey, not judging. Catnip is cool…almost as cool as bow ties. Hmm, I wonder how Walter would look in a bow tie. I doubt he’d like it.


Spacey cats from top to bottom: Pepita, Rose, Luna, June, Faye

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