Tiny, terrific, and tumbling with over-the-top energy, Rose is a joy from tip to tail. She’ll cuddle and chatter at you all day, and her appetite for attention is endless. Rose simply lives to love. She’ll attempt to leap right over the moon if that’s what it takes to win your heart. (Given her energy level, we think she just might be able to do it, too.)

Rose would be a marvel under any circumstances, but her joy is especially amazing given her history. By the time she was nine month sold, she’d endured several lifetimes’ worth of pain. As a kitten, Rose was hit by a car, leaving her incontinent.

But don’t feel too badly for Rose — she certainly doesn’t see herself as damaged goods. Our spotted sprite is as happy as the day is long, and she makes the most of each moment. We are thrilled that she seems to love living at Tabby’s Place, and we’re hopelessly smitten with her, too. Just five minutes in Rose’s presence is guaranteed to leave you laughing with delight and feeling adored.

It is a blessing that Rose relishes human attention, as she needs a great deal of it to stay healthy. We express our little pixie’s bladder three times each day, and we keep her clean and comfortable in custom-fitted diapers. She also receives baths as needed. Through it all, Rose’s joy is contagious, and she’s set on spreading sunshine to everyone she meets.

In fact, Rose’s sweet spirit has also earned her a special role at Tabby’s Place. Our lovable girl is one of our “Aged to Purrfection” cats, meaning she makes regular visits to local nursing homes to lavish residents with love. Aged to Purrfection cats are exceptional kitties, selected for the program on the basis of their gentleness with people, their confidence, and their total delight at delivering joy. Our Aged to Purrfection kitties make their merry visits each week, on a rotating basis. Rose adores her visits to her elderly friends, who thrill at her affection.

Although Rose’s Special Needs pose a challenge in finding a forever family, she’s not one to be daunted by circumstances. Until the right adopter comes along, you can cherish Rose as her generous sponsor. She promises she’ll share her unsinkable joy with you.