Guest post: These are days…

Guest post: These are days…

…and days…and days.

Every day brings something a little bit new with it, and lot more same old, same old, same old.

My tushy is tired. How’s yours? No matter what I do to alleviate it, give it a rest, I always end up right back on it. Different time, different day, different chair, or the same chair with a pillow on it, or no pillow, or a different pillow…nope, pretty much the same pillow.

Chairs are overrated anyway. Let’s talk about sofas. Nope, not sofas. Sofas make me think of Max. Wonderful, cheetah boy bunny butt Max. Miss him too much. So, let’s talk about floors.

Again? Floors? Really? Yup. Not gonna change it up? Nope.

Tabby’s Place is loaded with floors. Wonderful thing about floors: you can load lots of stuff onto them. When you load them with the right stuff they attract, you guessed it, cats.

Sit on the floor of the Community Room, make the slightest noise, and Beatty will be over in a dash to inspect the source of the noise. If it’s something fun, he’ll play with it. If it’s just you, he’ll delight in your affection, at least until the next thing grabs his attention. Have you ever seen Beatty zoom into, around, and out of those tube things – the noisy ones with the soft sides? The day you do (if you haven’t already) will be a very good day.

Imagine it’s not a just a good day, but it’s the very best kind of day, basically because you’re hanging with your CR pals. Look over your shoulder toward the window by the desk, and there’s Tux. Get up for a second and touch him – don’t even pet him, just touch him. His purr machine is really easy to start. If he stops purring, a reboot is super easy, just touch him again. Then pet him…a lot. Get into it. Tux will!

Oh, while you were busy with Tux, you stopped paying attention to everyone and everything else. Perfect! That’s how Claire (CLAIRE-BEAR!!!) likes it. She enjoys the opening of being ignored. Now that has to stop. Claire requires attention, so back to the floor. Have a seat and pet the sweet little black kitty. Nope. She’s done. Time for Claire to go see what those other people or cats – over there – are doing.

Looking around, your eyes are likely to alight on Periwinkle. (I’m trying to get everyone to call her P-Dubs. I don’t think it’s working.) What a spunky little miss! Periwinkle…ahem…P-Dubs is a relative noob, but, wow did she take over quickly. That is one funny little girl. Give her a silvervine twig and watch her go…until Tux snags it away from her! Then Dani tries to get it from him. Just settle in on the floor and watch what unfolds. You’re guaranteed to be delighted. But, they’re busy with each other now, soooo….

Ah, Koda. There she is napping on a cozy spot on top of the short filing cabinet. Time to stand on the floor and go share some quiet nuzzles. How soft! How cute! Just the way a teddy-cat should be. Bliss! More of the same, and more again. How can you leave Koda just lying there on her own? Well, how can you ignore Sammy?

A very short walk across the floor. Today, over to the cat tree, about eye level (okay my 5’1” eye level), inside a cube are more toes than the typical cat would have. But Sammy is no typical cat. She can be so very shy. She is often out of sight. Don’t miss out! Tabby spots and a dark cube are good camouflage, but she’s worth the gentle approach and time it takes to get to know her. Tempt her out with a wand toy that has a very long string. Just walk around the floor and let it flow behind you. See what happens.

Chances are, your walkabout will startle somebody and attract somebody else. My first few always caught Pixie (now happily ensconced in her forever home) and Sammy. Lucky me! The very first was on a wonderful day indeed.

Every day in the CR with Impy, June (Junie-June-Junes; June-bug), Carley Rose (puts the CR in the CR), and some fresher noobs than Periwinkle, along with our old friends, the floor is littered (HAH!) with signs of feline life – food, toys, beds. If that floor could talk, it would tell you about days…and days…and days. Days that were, days that are, and very special, wonderful, joyous, magical, Tabby’s Place Community Room days to come.

Editor’s note: Kitty, I am one hundred exuberant percent in favor of calling Periwinkle “P-Dubs.” Count me in. -A.H.

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  1. Wonderful view of the Community Room for the blog reader. I know the cats are eagerly awaiting your return. The floor sounds like our floor at home. Toys and feathers and bits of cardboard all over – pick up every evening and it reappears by the next afternoon. The cats are not spoiled; we enjoy their antics.

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