Guest post: Seeing things in black and white

Guest post: Seeing things in black and white

More than ever before, we are hearing from the stridently this or vociferously that crowds.

This is clearly right. That is clearly wrong. There can be no in between. This side or that side. If you’re not with me, you’re against me.

Life is seldom so clear. Even when it is at its foundation, there are often complicated depths that can be tricky to navigate, requiring cautious steps, just like when my gezinte black cat comes down from the back of the sofa, crossing over pillows, to curl up on my lap. Yiddish lesson interlude: gezinte – large, robust. More on that later.

Seeing things in black or white can be dangerously divisive. But, if you’re seeing things in black and white, why, you might just be at Tabby’s Place.

There are many black and white cats honoring the hallowed halls and stately suites of our favorite sanctum. From Walter to Divya, Rorschach to Pepita, and Pancake to Elijah, Tabby’s Place has been favored with the presence of fantastic felines, also including the likes of Tux and Angelo, Olive and Amy…plus so many more (I’m certainly missing somebody’s favorite)…and now newbs Blink, Mitzi, and Baguette have joined the roster.

A fortunate few are able to engage with and befriend these cuties. The rest of us can only observe from a distance. What we see is simply wonderful. Caring, giving, loving humans giving all of themselves just to give a few black and white (and many other color) furballs a chance at happiness.

To those humans, on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves, and to our whole Tabby’s Place family, I extend heartfelt thanks and wish you all gezunt heit (robust health).

The good that you do every day is as clear as black and white.

Pictured from top to bottom: Pepita, Baguette, Mitzi, Blink

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