Epilogues: August 2020

Epilogues: August 2020

You gave us wonder and splendor.

You gave us the return of Bill and Ted (see above).

You gave us the feast day of St. Augustine, and the annual pondering as to whether or not his friends called him “Gus.”

You gave us an uncommonly high volume of marmalade cats.

Coco, in what is very possibly the single greatest photo in Tabby’s Place history

You gave, and you took, and you were altogether august in your regal revelry, except when you weren’t (see Bill and Ted).

And now we regale and review you. Thank you, August. Be on your way now.

Arrived: Mr. Dracula, Olivia, Pluto, Baguette, Honey (pictured in thumbnail), Miranda, Cherry, Candy, Toffee, McMuffin, McFlurry, McNugget, Stella, Indiana, Burger

Adopted: Beatty; Barnum & Bailey (together); Storm & Zuko (together); Michelin; Alfred; Luke; Tig & Tuck (together); Gracie; Lily; Lenox (pictured in top banner); Martini Mike

Cleared from Quarantine: Sunflower, Olivia, Spaghetti, Pluto, Honey, Baguette, Shelby, Harvest

Mr. Dracula … or, as he prefers, Master Dracula

Returned: Gracie (readopted at the speed of grace), Heather

Promoted to the Lobby: Coco

Promoted to the Office of the Big Cheese: Mr. Dracula

Promoted to Heaven: Cecil

September, oh sweet autumn doorway, please be kind.

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  1. I love these month end reviews. Coco – what a tail! That is a great picture. Lots of great adoptions in August, with Barnum and Bailey on to their new wonderful forever home big top. And Cecil. With his round chunky head and crumply ears. We will miss you.

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