Fattening your Tuesday since 2009

Fattening your Tuesday since 2009

It’s Fat Tuesday, kittens.

The climax of Carnival. The ledge of Lent. The day of muchness, merry munching and madness-making before the ashes and the awe and the evaluation of the state of our souls. If that’s your thing.

Around here, you know what that means. Thus commences your annual glut of globularity, your smorgasbord of sea lions, that delicious overrepresentation of the large, the lavish, the gras…

…Tabby’s Place’s Fat Tuesday fiesta of flab.

Some might say this is a thinly-veiled excuse to simply post 900 pictures of Wolfie.* Some might say this is part of a larger, thinly-veiled excuse to eat all the pudding before Ash Wednesday hits. Some would be right.

It’s not Fat Tuesday without that wide, wondrous weirdo we all love best, Wolfie “The Wolfman” Rosenberg.
Copious Wolfie.
A whole gulf of Wolfie.
Not to say our waters are devoid of other walruses…
…many of whom know how to let those good times roll.
On fat Tuesday, rose-colored glasses aren’t required to see the world bathed in bliss. (Rose-patterned diapers, however, are highly recommended.)
But in the end, Fat Tuesday is all about LIFE…
…which is to say necklaces of beads and bacon and bliss (even if you’re a little neck-less)…
…and chubby cheeks crammed with cuteness and charm and carefree carnivality…
…which is, of course, to say Wolfie.
Always that great orb of Wolfie.

So eat your cake and ogle your Wolfie, kittens. It’s Carnival today, and the felines of size are here to play.

*Note that we did not quite reach 900. Let the record show my restraint.

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  1. Tabby’s Place Mardi Gras mention isn’t complete without a sweet and colorful king cake, filled with cinnamon, sugar, pecans, and maybe even a plastic baby kitten. It does have a baby kitten inside, doesn’t it? Wish we had pictures of Wolfie as a kitten!

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