Epilogues: February 2019

Epilogues: February 2019

Time marches on.

OK, you can pelt me with a cream pie made of sardine paste for that one.

“I shall forgive the human who named me ‘Pawla,’ for that is just the sort of large-souled creature I am. But let the record show I am properly apawled.”

But it does, kittens, with or without punnery, and we’re the perplexed proof. Five minutes ago, it was January, and here we are on the edge of the edge of spring.

We’re also getting used to a groovy, occasionally-grumpy new website here at Tabby’s Place, so bear with us. I hope you like it, but I like you even if you don’t.

And the cats…well, the cats hope you like this:

Arrived: Millie; Elsa; Celsey; Joan; Marble; Cinnamon; Honey; Abby; Lotus; Chocolate; Lex; Luro; Tennison; Kieran

Adopted: Chidi; Stella; Chad; Hazel; Mr. Jones; Firestone; Sushi; Tiger; Henna; Michelin & Rambo (together); Rogue (yes really YES! REALLY!); Millie

Returned: Sullivan

Cleared from Quarantine: Idris; Disco; Denni; Pawla; Purrscilla; Clawdia (see top thumbnail); Hamsa

Behold Denni, she of the tiny teef and grand-slam greatness

Banished to Ringworm (again): Crystal

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Swiffer; Diaz; Montana — YES ALL THREE YES BY THREE SEPARATE FAMBLIES YES I AM YELLING!

Promoted to the Community Room: Hunts

Promoted to Heaven: Max

Stuff We Re-Re-Re-Re-Learned: Tabby’s Place volunteers are extraordinary human beans. See: Forever Foster Fabulosity.

Next time we Epilogue together, we’ll be spring-sweet and Easter-bound. Meantime, keep cozy like a kitten, kittens, and you’ll be just fine.

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  1. Thank you for this February update. Yes, and thank you for forever fabulous foster persons! All the cats at Tabby’s Place and all of the fans, also – are ready for Spring!

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