Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black White Brown
Markings Tabby
Personality Friendly Outgoing Independent
How I Feel About Children Not Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Cautious
Age 10 years

Bebe is a sassy cat, the kind who looks up at you from under her fan of kitty lashes and thinks, “Don’t bother me unless you have treats.” You can often find her tucked away in her royal bedchambers (aka a cozy cat tree cubby), lounging gracefully. She does not beg for attention (as such behavior is beneath her) but rather regally spends her day watching over her subjects.

When Tabby’s Place rescued Bebe, we also rescued her from the unfortunate name “Bubba.” Her new feminine, frou-frou name better fits her queenly airs and jade-green eyes.

She may act like a princess now, but her beginnings are more pauper. When her owners moved, poor Bebe was left behind in her apartment to fend for herself. Such a tragedy would leave anyone—human or feline—with a chip on their shoulder. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t win Bebe’s trust. (Remember those treats we talked about?) She may take a little more time to warm up to you, but the wait is worth it. We know that the right person will come along to mend Bebe’s broken heart and win her over.

If you’re seeking a regal feline, Her Royal Highness is accepting visitors during our public hours. Please see our Visit Us page for updated information. And don’t forget those treats!

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