Epilogues: May 2017

Epilogues: May 2017

June is arguably the best of months.

It has the Strawberry Moon.

It has the promise that you will always be a bride.

It has Wonder Woman.*

Oil wishes to remind you that it’s important to have some fat in your diet. And to feed him fried chicken nachos as often as possible.

But before we bite into this ripe berry of a month, there’s a May to manage:

Arrived: Oil, Louie, Petra, Sunny, Mr. Eko, Ryder, Zuma, Chase, Rubble, Katerina, O, Elaina, Margaret, Prince Tuesday, Skye, Rizzo, Nadine, Shifty, Clarissa, Topanga, Buffy, Isolde, Tristan, Raylene, Pixie, Tigger, Linda, Cinder, Danielle, Sonja, Lou, Jasmine, Leigh, Moana, Tala (pictured in top thumbnail), Cornell, Chatham, Mayo, Brewster, Mara, Orleans, Lancelot, Arthur

Adopted: Archer, Stormie & Bucky (as barn boys together), Obi & Darcy (barn buddies too), Tensor (yes that Tensor, yes really), Alexis, Nyota, Padme, Tigger, Linda

Returned: Padme (only to be swiftly readopted by Humans Of Awesomeness), Edgar

Cleared from Quarantine: Candace, Bebe, Merriweather, Callie, Walter, Scotty, Oil, Louie, Sunny

Kittens much? Topanga meets world.

Promoted to the Lobby: Callie

Promoted to the Lounge: Sugar, Puzzle

Promoted to Heaven: O, Cinder, Clarissa, Callie


Promoted to the Psych Ward: Sally, Bacon

Stuff We Learned: If you banish a cat to the Psych Ward, s/he will be promptly healed of all psychological issues, so long as aforementioned Psych Ward is staffed by one wonder-working Karina. More details on that to follow…

*Clearly starring Bucca Rosenberg.

Wee baby O had a cleft palate, and, it seems, additional other congenital issues. Despite our vet team’s heroic efforts, O succumbed too soon. We miss this micro-marmalade boy and are grateful he was ours. Until we meet again, little O…


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  1. Thank you for this update – and thank you for the picture of little O – we all sincerely appreciate your wonderful efforts. Some wonderful adoptions – Tensor with his little toupee hat! Live long and happily little guy. Thank you for Cornell.

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