Guest post: DO-OVER!

If any year ever needed a reboot, it’s this one. You all know the litany of improbables and predictables that have descended upon us with a vengeance. It would be great if 2020 were like a game of kickball. If enough of the players yell, “DO-OVER!”, then there’s a do-over. Whatever happened is voided, nullified, […]

Free as Pixie

I’ve been thinking about freedom, and not just because of recent holidays (Independence Day, infinite Hamilton happiness, inevitable annual whinefests about Other People’s Fireworks, etc.). I’ve been thinking that I don’t think we always remember what freedom is about. I’ve been thinking that, if I’m gonna be free, I want the freedom of cats. Specifically, […]

Epilogues: May 2019

Let it never be said that May is monotone. Stuff went down this past month, kittens. Billy Ray Cyrus returned to the radio, achy-breaking all of our ears if not our spirits. The President of the United States of America presented a very large trophy to a very large man at the Grand Sumo tournament. […]