Epilogues: June 2017

Epilogues: June 2017

There are songs about winter, spring and fall.

But there are songs about summer. And that’s no coincidence.

Lovely lovable Lovey loves love. Any questions?

What other season could inspire Will Smith, Alice Cooper, Lana del Rey, and both the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys to musical greatness?*

Clearly, the summer song phenomenon is connected to Kitten Season. Believe it or not, every single Tabby’s Place kitten’s daddy is rich, and their ma is good-lookin’. This is a fact. Just look at what June jolted into this juke joint:

Arrived: Tinker, Cleo, Knight, Queso, Missy, Maui, Cardinal, Sparrow, Finch, Jay, Sina, Elias, Lovey, Nettle, Thyme, Matcha, Sencha, Snorkel, Tahoe, Scuba, Taco, Tortilla, Quesadilla, Tankini, Chimichanga, Churro

Adopted: Petra, Luna, Queso, Brewster, Tarzan & Raylene (together), Tigger, Linda, Tristan, Isolde & Arthur (together), Cleo, Rubble, Knight, Chimichanga & Quesadilla (together)

Returned: NOOOOOO ONE.

No, as a matter of fact, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Rogue. However, Rogue’s hair is growing in sheepishly. Ergo, this photo is requisite. QED.

Cleared from Quarantine: Oil, Louie, Sunny, Ryder, Zuma, Chase, Katerina, Elaina, Prince Tuesday, Shifty, Topanga, Buffy, Pixie (pictured in top thumbnail), Moana, Tala, Cornell, Chatham, Mayo, Mara, Orleans, Lancelot, Tinker, Queso, Missy

Promoted to the Lobby: Oil, Scotty, Cornell, Walter

Promoted to Heaven: Lucille, Nettle, Thyme, OJ

Summer it up, kittens, and rise up singing.

*No, I will not include Bryan Adams, because in the actual summer of ’69, he was nine years old, did not spend his evenins’ down at the drive-in, did not get his first real six-string, and did not meet you standing on your mother’s porch. Bryan Adams sing with forked tongue.

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  1. Tabby’s Place, you have shaken my faith. Tankini? What kind of a name is that? Maybe you are trying too hard. But, wonderful adoptions and some sad sweet good-byes. Lucille – go with our love dear beloved Lady Lucille. Go with our love dear wonderful OJ. Little Nettle, Thyme – we love you. Angela and Tabby’s Place – we love you, too.

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