Gratuitous cat photos: The Linda kind

Gratuitous cat photos: The Linda kind

You’re not that weak.

You don’t really need adorable photos to melt you down to goodness.

But come Shameless Linda Fund Season, you bet I’m weak enough to resort to that anyway.

As you may know, the annual Linda Fund Matching Challenge launches today. For the next month, your donations will be doubled by a beautiful band of benefactors. And that’s no ordinary donation; Linda Fund gifts go right to the emergency and specialty care of cats in crisis.

Like these kids.

This is where I shuddup and show you the cats you — you radiant, generous Linda Funders, you — helped save this past year through your 2016 Linda Fund donations:

Adam: Signs point to endoscopy.
Sam: Not for nothin’ that this cancer-crushin’, radiation-rockin’ boy is the poster cat of the 2017 Linda Fund.
Zencada’s eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the ophthalmologist.
With a schnoz this special, it’s got to be…Sophia.
McNulty poised for radiographs. Or something.
Zach: The bigger the heart, the bigger the cardiology bill.
Riley, the lord of long-bone surgeries (and all other kinds, too).
Wolfie: When you get catastrophic constipation like clockwork, it’s a good thing you’ve got the Linda Fund at your back.
Lars: Terminal whaaaa?
Boom has long believed it’s an injustice for frickin’ Adam to get anything he can’t have. So he had an endoscopy too. He is reconsidering his entire social theory now.
Grace: And all this healing is possible only by the grace…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And, if I may dare…please do it again. Who knows what faces are coming our way in the year ahead?

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