A funny thing can happen when you assume love is lacking.

You lose your fight — of course you do — but you win everything else. Including one gigantic, glorious black cat.

There was a time, they tell me — and one never distrusts the Great Proverbial They — when black cats were blacklisted by hordes of humans. They languished, unchosen by the choosers of calicos and such. When the roll was taken of adoptees, black cats managed measly numbers compared to their peers.

Even though this assumption has been debunked and debunked, a certain sympathy hangs on. Visitors to Tabby’s Place lower their tones and eyes and murmur conspiratorially, “you know, I’ve always had a thing for the black cats. Maybe because I know most people don’t. Or maybe just because they’re awesome.”

Yeah. Let’s go with Option B.

But before we do, permit me to introduce you to one black cat eager to bust bits of bunk, asinine assumptions and sketchy statistics.

Vulpix knows a thing or thirty about pummeling preconceptions. He came to Tabby’s Place from a hoarding situation, from which we took successive waves of survivors. Vulpix’s particular peer group was overwhelmingly shy.

Scared-of-marshmallows shy.
Try-to-swallow-yourself-by-the-tail-so-you-can-hide shy.
Overwhelmingly shy. And just plumb overwhelmed.

So it wouldn’t be an outrageous assumption to think that Vulpix, being from That Crew, must be shy.
Not outrageous…until you encountered the actual cat. At which point…gulp.

Vulpix is approximately as shy as RuPaul, with dashes of Big Bird and Amy Schumer.
Vulpix loves you with all the love YES ALL THE LOVE ALL.

Once you meet him, it’s all over but the gone-with-your-heart gulp. Gaze into those eyes that engulf yours, and you’re about to find yourself crawling into Vulp’s favorite kindergartener-sized basket beside him (if you can fit, which you can’t, because Vulpix’s incredible girth is flowing over the edges; but he’ll still strive to share). Gulp.

Spend much time with Vulpix, and you’ll be slathered and slobbered in the unmistakable glow of one irresistible cat. Through purrs and prances and pushes of his coal-black nose into your person, he’ll cover you in his essence, and you will never, ever get yourself free.

One day — may it be soon — Vulpix will complete his quest for the person who’s meant to love him forever. It’ll be the last gulp-y greeting in Suite B, and he’ll make them gulp with glee for the rest of his life.

In the meantime, we’re grateful this large, lavish planet of a cat is busting myths and grabbing hearts in our corner of the universe. Gulp!

2 thoughts on “Gulp!

  1. Don’t worry Volpix, there’s a human out there that will see you and immediately fall in love with you! I know, it happened for me…. and my brother Joe…. and sister Kitty and my other sister Kitty (Uncle Jon named her Amanda though) <3 (and there's still another 2 black kitties in our family (Bridgette and Abby). Black cats are the BEST <3

  2. Big beautiful Vulpix! Generous in size and spirit. What a wonderful cat. Bialy, you are right, smart boy – there is a human out there for Vulpix. And until then, Tabby’s Place will love him.

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