Tara Talk guest post: Panic on Pride Rock

Tara Talk guest post: Panic on Pride Rock

Your editrix interjects: Once again, we are honored to welcome volunteer/adopter/invincibly awesome person Tara to draw us deeper into the mysteries of one Simba Rosenberg…

…and this time, as a glamorous bonus, one loopy, lovely Leah. Take it away, Tara. – A.H.

Simba is elated that Leah also enjoys his spot.

Into every life, a little trouble will arise. In a room with 20 cats? A lot of trouble will arise, and often. My friend Simba doesn’t go looking for trouble, usually. In fact, he does his best to keep himself to himself as much as he can…but sometimes, trouble finds him anyway.

Lately Simba has been living a little too close to the movie lion from whom he gets his name. His greatest admirer, Leah, has made a play for Simba’s personal Pride Rock above the kingdom of Suite B.

Leah wants to be friends. Simba is more of a loner. But he’s a loner with a prime piece of real estate atop the crates. Is near the door, so you’re the first to see when food arrives; it’s high up; and it has a good view of the whole room. Somebody was bound to challenge Simba’s claim, sooner or later.

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But beneath his grumpy exterior, Simba is a lover and not a fighter. And though he’s a lover…he’s not great at sharing. So, poor, exiled Simba has been on the hunt for a new perfect perch.

He’s tried the nearest cat tower. It’s nice, and has cozy enclosed cubbies…but it’s just not the same.

He’s tried the floor, but Rebel likes to stretch out there, and he can get a little testy if you get too close.

He’s tried the solarium, which is great! But you have to walk past a bunch of cats on the ramp to get there, and Simba really likes his personal space.

But not sharing is better.

And so the saga continues. On some days, Leah and Simba reach a detente where they each take a side atop the crates, and peace is restored until Leah gets a little too friendly. On some days, Simba wanders the suite like a lost cub just waiting for a warthog and a meerkat to show him the way to victory.

But on some days, Simba gets his spot all to himself. And on those days, he likes to show off his glee by rolling around, head-butting his preferred humans, and licking the top corners of the crates he loves so well. (I keep telling him this is a bad habit, but he’s very stubborn.)

Will Simba learn to share? Will Leah finally gain the approval of her Sweet Baboo? Or will Simba find a new favorite spot (or a forever home)? Only time will tell…

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