Epilogues: February 2017

Epilogues: February 2017

33057270536_c3cd8b0a79_zFor a short month, February makes a lot of noise.

But then, February does hang out with Bear.

Twenty-eight days are enough time to knock out a sinus infection, meet your soulmate (see June and Melanie above), and change the world precisely one jillion times.

You don’t need a full month, not even a skinny sort like February, to win and lose a Best Picture Oscar, or eat so many conversation hearts that you need a whole bottle of Tums (which happen to be the same thing), or to get your heart broken and re-re-re-repaired by cats.

Will March be kind, Olive? "You may rely on it."
Will March be kind, Olive? “You may rely on it.”

Speaking of whom…

Arrived: Noah, Rhain, Bear, Oliver, Gloria, Obi, Tex, Torus, Tagalog, Tesseract*, Tensor, Sage, Darcy, Merlin, Ludwig, Lanolin

Adopted: Athena; Margo, LuEllen and Oy (together); Greystoke; Rey; Mark; Kylo; Kaycee; Edgar; Ella; Piper; Carrie; Iman; Eevee

Returned: Margo, Kaycee

Banished to Ringworm: NOOOOOOOOO ONE.

Cleared from Quarantine: Harrison, Sidewinder, Rogue, Goldeen, Togepi, Ditto, Vulpix, Dratini, Noah, Rhain, Bear, Oliver

Whatever may be wrong in the world, remember the following: this creature actually exists in our universe, his name is Ludwig, and we get to love him. Every little thing's gonna be alright.
Whatever may be wrong in the world, remember the following: this creature actually exists in our universe, his name is Ludwig, and we get to love him. Every little thing’s gonna be alright.

Cleared from Ringworm: Antimony

Promoted to the Lobby: Dingo, Sweet Pea

Promoted to the Heaven: Gloria, Wilhelmina

Stuff We Learned: According to the Law of Conservation of Bossy Brown Female FIV+ Tabbies, Sherbet cannot, under any circumstances, be without a bossy brown tabby female FIV+ roommate at any time, or else the universe will implode upon itself. QED. Details to follow next week…

*Yes, gentle reader, you are reading these names correctly. We now have cats named for, oh, you know, the four-dimensional analog of the cube, and the Austronesian basis of the standard national language of the Philippines. Because that makes sense. These names were bestowed by the same people who still mock me for having named cats “Jean Valjean” and “Eponine.” THE VERY SAME PEOPLE, PEOPLE. The struggle is real.

4 thoughts on “Epilogues: February 2017

  1. Dear humans who utterly failed Dingo:

    I hope that – someday – you come to realize the horror of your actions. I know it’s unlikely that you will find yourself robbed of your defenses and then thrown out into the cold with no food, water, or shelter, only to be found by the police after unknown weeks or months of starvation.

    I know it’s unlikely.

    But somehow, someday, I hope you come to understand the cruelty you inflicted on this undeserving kitty. And maybe, someday, you will feel remorse.

  2. We fans of Tabby’s Place agree with Carrie and know this is why we give thanks every day for Tabby’s Place. Even dear Gloria made it to Tabby’s Place before going on to the greater glory – she secured her spot in Tabby’s corner at the Rainbow Bridge. And now – March on!

  3. Carrie – you put this so well and summed up what many of us are thinking and feeling – not just for sweet wonderful Dingo but for countless other cat (and animals) – those who were fortunate enough to make it to Tabby’s Place and those who never did or will. We were all put here to do something special with the gift(s) we’ve been given – those of us who love cats can continue to give our hearts, time, love and money to fight the good fight and help every cat we can have a loving and safe home – at Tabby’s Place or elsewhere! And – the best revenge right now – Dingo is THRIVING!!!

  4. Thank goodness there is good in this world to combat the pure evil that people inflict on other humans and animals.

    Nicely said Carrie and Karen .. I agree and am so thankful to be a part of Tabby’s Place.

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