Epilogues: January 2018

Epilogues: January 2018

Wait. Did we not just epp a log?

We did. But that’s because I’m a dunderhead. So dance around in your dungarees, you January-jousting kittens; it’s time for another month in review.

Stark gets his Valentine on early. And late. And perpetually.

Now that we’ve grokked the Grammys, stated the Union and gobbled up the glow of two full moons, we’re ready for the Superbowl and the Olympics and the Valentines and the generalized weirdness of the world in which we live, February edition.

But first, the cats of January.

Arrived: Janet; Paulie; Ronnie; Harley; Digger; Noodle; Nyx; Ducky; Madeline; Edgar Allen; Poe; CornPop; Raven; Calliope; Eva; Joan Manuel

Adopted: Oboe; Oliver; Gideon; Damien; Masha (pictured in top thumbnail); Maddie; MudPie; Temperance; Roger & Joanie (together); Amaya; Tamara & Domenico (together); Nancy; Stark; Link; Peggy; Vulpix; Carley Rose; Abrams & Griffin (together)

Returned: NOOOOOO ONE.

Lifelong Valentines Roger and Joanie

Cleared from Quarantine: Janey, Phoebe, Google, Bing

Banished to Ringworm: Shea; Janet; Paulie

Promoted to the Lobby: Patty

Promoted to His Eminence’s Office: Amos

Promoted to Heaven: Mimi; Katrina

Stuff We Learned: Joan Manuel is a man cat. Joan can be a manly man’s name. These are true facts.



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  1. Thank you, Angela, for January’s update. Nice to see pairs of cats adopted together! Valentine’s Day (4 years ago) is the first day our Peanut showed up on the doorstep, so Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and cat lovers, too. Good luck forever to Vulpix and all adopted cats.

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