Tara Talk guest post: All good things

Tara Talk guest post: All good things

It’s been a memorable year for a certain orange tabby and his compassionate press agent.

Today, Simba and Tara ring out 2017 with high hopes…and, in Simba’s case, some unfortunate fingernail fashion.

All good things, they say, must come to an end.

Simba had really settled into his private bachelor pad in the Tabby’s Place feral holding room. He was vaguely considering installing a pool table, and possibly a mini-fridge, when the news came: Simba was being evicted.

(Well, relocated back to Suite B, anyway. Eviction isn’t really a thing here in the land of vehemently adored cats.)

Yes, Simba’s days of solitude came to an end. Fellow Tabby’s Place bachelor Max was in need of a prolonged time-out of his own, due to some stress-induced over-grooming. If only everyone could have his own room, right? But sharing is caring, and you can’t always have what you want, and adversity builds character, and other such platitudes that Simba has been completely uninterested in hearing from me.

So far, the big ginger fella is taking his situation mostly in stride. Which is not to say that he isn’t grumpy — he is, and he’ll tell you so at length.

He’s not a fan of this whippersnapper Cheddar, who moved in while he was gone — that little guy is just too hyper for him! Plus, Simba’s prized spot atop the crates has been taken over by Temperance. And, marking perhaps the greatest indignity: Simba has been outfitted with claw caps! Imagine! Little rubber thingies on a Lion King’s claws! (Simba has a heck of a right hook, so I can’t say I disagree with the choice, though I sympathize with his dismay.)

Even Leah‘s joy at the return of her one true love hasn’t been much of a balm. Its a hard knock life.

But while Simba would once answer these issues with a roaring rampage of teeth and claws, now he lets most of it slide with little more than a grumble. Plus, he’ll go back to getting rotating nights in the Tabby’s Place Timeshare, which will give him a room of his own at least some of the time, and should help him settle back into the suite life.

I am, of course, thoroughly biased with regard to Simba. I know what a big, loving heart hides under that cantankerous exterior. And, while good things end, so do bad things, so I think Simba will be just fine with a little time and a little TLC.

Simba and his very loyal press agent wish you a wonderful holiday season and great things in 2018. I hope to bring you only good news about his continued adventures in the new year!


True love will never let you down. Happy New Year, Simba, Tara and all our loves of all species.

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  1. Welcome back, Tara talk and Simba. We are all ready to hear more of Simba’s adventures as he walks the path to being lovable and adoptable. Thank you for taking the time that this fellow needs. Happy and healthy and peaceful 2018!

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