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July 5th, 2018 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: THE ONE

by Angela

Sometimes there is news so momentous…happenings so humongous…events so earth-shaking…

…only a summer blockbuster can properly tell the tale.

Today’s post concerns a colossus of the cat, about to begin the biggest bonanza of his life. Accordingly, we have Spielberg, Cameron and Bigelow on the phone (plus Tim Burton, just in case we wanna get weird).

But until the cameras start rolling, Tara‘s terrific talk will tell the tale. Buckle up, kittens, it’s the biggest brand of breaking news… Continue reading » » »

May 24th, 2018 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: Stepping out

by Angela

You’re in for a treat, Simba-smitten souls.

Our stellar volunteer Tara is back with an update on our difficult, delightful Lion King. Take it away, Tara… Continue reading » » »

March 7th, 2018 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: Our fair Simba

by Angela

It’s time for another update on our inscrutable, irresistible orange tabby.

Leave it to Simba‘s soulmate Tara to sing every verse with love. Read on and you’ll agree; Tara’s unwavering friendship is a veritable hymn to Sim Continue reading » » »

January 26th, 2018 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: The Office

by Angela

Some things never change.

Simba‘s life, however, is the stuff David Bowie sang about. Today, Tara takes us through the latest twists and turns… Continue reading » » »

December 29th, 2017 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: All good things

by Angela

It’s been a memorable year for a certain orange tabby and his compassionate press agent.

Today, Simba and Tara ring out 2017 with high hopes…and, in Simba’s case, some unfortunate fingernail fashion. Continue reading » » »

November 10th, 2017 [1 Comment]

Tara Talk guest post: Trials and Timeshares

by Angela

Today, you shall get a greater glimpse of Tara’s true love for Simba.

Although she’s far too gracious to say so directly, be it known that this loving update was written after Simba savaged Tara’s own personal arm. And “savaged” is a gentle understatement.

But love survives teeth, and real love has teeth of its own — and Timeshares, as you’ll read in Tara’s update. – A.H.

Continue reading » » »