Gratuitous cat photos: All things new

Gratuitous cat photos: All things new

I don’t know where this New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Eve finds you.

Maybe 2017 was Your Year.

Maybe 2017 was Definitely Not.

But approximately 120 cats and I know this much: 2018 welcomes you with warm, open arms.

Cadet wishes to inform you that Estonian New Year’s tradition involves attempting to eat seven, nine or twelve meals, as these are all lucky numbers. Cadet also wishes to bring this tradition to New Jersey.

And in the event that you’re blue about feeling no-longer-new yourself, let our Kittens Of A Certain Age assuage your angst. The following tiny teens are all out of that hide-’em-in-your-hand, hamster-sized stage, and they could feel kinda insecure about what some would consider their waning cuteness…

…but they don’t. Because they’re kittens.

May their wisdom and warmth usher us all into a New Year full of life and hope and love. The best, kittens, is so very yet to come.



Cheddar invites you to enjoy the Swiss tradition of dropping a dollop of cream on the floor on New Year’s Day, to bring luck and a rich year. And by “the floor,” he means “his mouth.” (Lost in translation, you know.)


Cello just read that, in Mexico and Brazil, it’s believed that the color of your undergarments will affect your year ahead. She recommends green, which will lead to health and well-being. Preferably under 100% bacon khakis, which will lead to her sitting in your lap.


Didgeridoo would like you to know that the Hebrew word for “life” is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. This bodes lively for 2018. L’chaim!

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  1. Love the cute cat photos! Cello (are you pronouncing it Chello or Sello?) is hopefully passing this information about underpants color on to Pixie and Olive and other cats at Tabby’s Place!

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