Guest post: Kitty Cuisine

Guest post: Kitty Cuisine

It might stretch your belief that the inventor of shark repellent adored cats. It might surprise you to know how deeply one of the top chefs ever known adored cats. It might also surprise you that a researcher who was at the top of the ladder working for the head of the OSS adored cats.

Have you guessed that these are all the same person? Did you guess that this person was Julia Child?

It somehow seems right and proper that the woman who brought French cuisine into our American kitchens also adored the most finicky eaters.

It is also right and proper that Mrs. Child said, “A life without a cat is a life without sunshine.” ABJECT TRUTH!

Cats, perhaps, would counter, “A life without sunshine is life without cats.”

The strollers, the broad windows, and the solaria of Tabby’s Place ensure that there is plenty of sunshine to attract and please these feisty felines, who have mastered The Art of Napping. These self same “minous” have also mastered The Art of Convincing Humans to Hold a Food Dish, as well as The Art of Getting a Different Kind of Food, and its 2nd edition subtitled Gravy vs Sauce.

Imagine The French Chef, clad in apron and iconic blue dress, standing in the Tabby’s Place laundry room dishing out kitty cuisine with a dash of lysine and a soupçon of fortiflora. Her voice would ring out as she described the technique for serving a feast to the famished felines clamoring for their dinner.

It really is reassuring to know that even this great chef, who brought boeuf bourguignon and many more delicacies into our cozy homes, the secret agent, the award recipient, though gratified by the gluttonous gobbling of some, would receive the same snubs that the Tabby’s Place feeders are subject to.

Les petits minous may be finicky, but they are not persnickety about who knows it.

Scrumptiously pictured from top to bottom: Shifty, Hobo, Adam, Samantha, all of whom hereby demand aforementioned boeuf bourguignon, hold the fortiflora

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  1. This is true – The Art of Getting a Different Kind of Food. Also, I have learned – in our house – that covering up the food does not mean it is garbage. It is just being saved for later – in case you don’t yield to The Art of Getting a Different Kind of Food. I suppose we could just offer the same kind of food – take it or leave it – every day, and it would soon be accepted as dinner – but where’s the fun in that? More fun to share finicky eater stories with your friends.

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