Tara Talk guest post: Secrets of Simba’s heart

Tara Talk guest post: Secrets of Simba’s heart

Summer may be cooling down, but Suite B is heating up.

At least, it’s heating up in the province of Leah‘s mind.

In this round of Tara Talk, our Simba-smitten volunteer offers advice for Simba’s not-quite-lover. Write on, Tara.

Oh, Leah.

As Simba’s official press agent and loyal servant, part of my sacred duty is to know what Tabby’s Place’s resident Lion King does and doesn’t like. We all have our quirks and pet peeves, after all, and part of inviting you in to the wonderful world of Simba is knowing how to best please him.

This isn’t always easy. Cats are mercurial by nature, and the cat who is nervous with 17 roommates might be totally different as king of his own castle. But, I do the best I can.

One thing that Simba’s star-crossed paramour Leah has yet to learn: this fella likes his personal space. Like a true king, he prefers to stretch his legs and stalk the suite without any interruptions. Leah, on the other hand…well, she’s persistent. And not always especially polite. And so their Honeymooners-esque, tumultuous maybe-romance goes on. Some days there’s harmony, some days there’s nose smacking. Leah could learn a thing or two from Carrot, who has earned Simba’s goodwill by sharing his space without crowding him.

Friendship with Simba: Carrot’s doin’ it right.

If you, like Leah, really want to get into Simba’s good graces, there are a few shortcuts:

Catnip toys are a hit — no wand toys, please! Things swinging over Simba’s head make him very agitated. (This goes for hands and arms, too: pet from where he can see you and keep your arms away from his head for best results). The biggest hits are catnip cigars and the always-popular catnip rainbow that a certain loving volunteer always seems to have stashed in her bottomless bag of cat joy. Simba likes to play up his facade as a sour puss by playing with catnip lemons, too. (You don’t fool me, Simba!)

Cave or beehive beds allow Simba to feel secure and cozy even when he’s forced to share his precious spot atop the crates. He can curl up inside and know that nobody can pull any sneak attacks while he snoozes and/or watches the door for visiting friends.

Contrary to what he’ll pretend, Simba really does love attention. But like most cats, he likes it on his own terms. Is he on top of the crates? Head scratches only, please! Weaving around your feet? Feel free to pet that back! Laying on the floor? For God’s sake, don’t touch him, or your ankles will regret it. He likes to show off his gorgeous belly, but he’s still a nervous Nelly underneath his tough exterior.

And if all else fails, you can really never go wrong with treats. Simba loves him some treats. (Don’t we all?)

What I’ve learned as a faithful servant and PR representative to this wonderful and complicated fella is that he’s got a heart of gold wrapped in a thick layer of anxiety. He has so much incredible love to give to the right heart who can roll with his quirks.

And in that, he’s no different from any of us, is he?

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  1. Simba! Tara! (Carrot! Rainbow nip toy!) Loved reading this update story on the life of Simba. The photos are wonderful – Simba has quite an expressive face. Thank you for loving Simba and Tabby’s Place. Thank you for making us smile.

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