Special Need: paraparesis


Deep in the grey days of February, a bright blaze lit Tabby's Place. Like a shot of vitamin C, little Carrot came bearing life and zest.

At about nine months of age (as of 2/15), Carrot still has the zip befitting a kitten. But make no mistake: our big-eyed boy's joy comes from more than his youth. With a bottomless appetite for cuddles, fearless climbing skills, and a chirpy mouth that just won't stop, Carrot has an ageless exuberance that soaks his whole world in sunshine.

You might think that such a happy creature must have been born in a bed of roses - or, at least, nutritious vegetables. But Carrot's glee sings in spite of a sad story.

Due to either a traumatic injury or a congenital defect, Carrot has some difficulty in the bathroom department. He's not exactly incontinent - more like incompletely continent (specifically, paraparetic, with partial loss of voluntary motor function). Although he can use the litter box himself, he can't completely empty his bladder. This means Carrot requires human help to express his bladder and stay clean and healthy.


This would be a formidable enough challenge, but Carrot faced even more urgent concerns. The little charmer had somehow found himself in one of New York City's most crowded, "high-kill" shelters. Most of the shelter's cats would have only 48 hours to find a home before facing euthanasia...and the odds of an "incompletely continent" cat being scooped up were next to nil.

But, as providence would have it, chirpy Carrot found his way into a sweeter song. Big-hearted rescuers pulled him from the shelter in time. After a season in their loving care, Carrot made his happiest journey yet: to Tabby's Place.

We are smitten with this little dynamo, and we believe Carrot may very well find a home. Keeping Carrot clean and comfy is a small price to pay for getting to hear his "music" and delight in his comedy and cuddles. But, we understand that a cat like Carrot is not the right fit for everyone.

Until Carrot finds his forever fit, you can care for him with your generous monthly sponsorship. Your support will help give Carrot the extensive daily care and bladder-relaxing medication he needs...and the love that keeps his song sweet and strong.

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$32/month provides two hours of staff time to gently express Carrot?s bladder

$65/month pays for Carrot?s bladder relaxant medication

Any amount will help our Special Needs cats