Epilogues: August 2017

Epilogues: August 2017

Did you eat local at every farm market?

Did you “fweeeee!” around every Ferris wheel?

Did you summer your summer to the summaximum?

Carrot will not judge the manner in which you spent your summer, or the volume of fried dough you consumed.

If not, fear not: you are now entering a FOMO-free zone. The cats of summer don’t fault you if you spent May through August conked on your couch, eating mayonnaise with a spoon while watching NCIS.

They will, however, fault you if you don’t know what they did this summer:

Arrived: Grant, Beamer, Arion, Plutus, Eubuleus, Amphitheus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Rhea, Audino, Cheddar, Twist, Oliver, Jelani, Gallagher, Funnel Cake

Adopted: Wicket; Nadine; Kaycee & Gherkin (together, by a volunteer of infinite awesome); Tortilla; Churro; Clary; Flitchee; Izzy; Finn; Opus & Sencha (together); Togepi; Katerina; Enchilada; Mayo; Taco & Tomatillo (together); Addison & Atticus (together); Tahoe; Mr. Eko

Returned: Edgar, Temperance, Pumba

Cleared from Quarantine: Shea, Beamer, Trillian, Zaphod, Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha

Mr. Eko might judge you, but only and always favorably.


Promoted to the Community Room: Beamer

Banished to Ringworm Still, mea culpa, dies irae: Sebastian

Promoted to Heaven: NOOOOO ONE. Live on, you lovers of life!

And now, we autumn. Squeeze on your boots, shimmy into your sweater, or just love and do as you please.

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  1. Lots of wonderful adoptions! Lots of new arrivals to get to know and love (and ignore their names, its not their fault – Eubuleus, Amphitheus) and watch as they grow and learn to love Tabby’s Place. So glad someone adopted Togepi. Lots of autumn love to Steven and Miriam.

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