Jan with the master plan

Jan with the master plan

JanThe word “little” has a spectrum of meanings when it refers to cats…and many of those meanings have nothing to do with being small.

Take my own “little Dibbles,” who is 18 pounds of tiny titanic tabby adorableness. Or “little Bellis,” who increasingly looks like a creamsicle-colored sausage. Or today’s featured sweetheart, our very own “little patchwork quilt:” Jan.

JanWe’ve called Jan by this term of endearment for years now at Tabby’s Place, and it does fit – the “patchwork quilt” part, anyway. This little (I can’t stop myself) beauty has a pattern to put Pucci to shame.

But “little”? Um…suffice to say that Jan lives in Suite A, land of the titans.

Then again, our Jan does have a tendency to make herself as small as possible when you first meet her. Venture into Suite A and you’ll immediately make the acquaintance of Maggie, Jackie and Apache…but where is that quilted creature you can’t help but adore?

Cookie & JanLook up.

High above your head, nestled on the ramp to the solarium, you’ll find lovely Jan. Nine times out of ten, she’ll be hunkered down with her BFFs Cookie and Oreo. As faithful a friend as any feline could wish for, Jan is profoundly devoted to her buddies. She seems somehow drawn to the sad-sack types, lifting cranky Cookie’s spirits with her warm cuddles and keeping anxiety-ball Oreo company day in and day out.

Jan & TailsLong before moving to Suite A, Jan was the ultimate nursemaid to the gray angel-boy with the Charlie Brown personality: Tails. Although Jan and Tails were only roomies for a few months before Tails succumbed to congestive heart failure, their bond blazed with affection. Young Jan was never far from her elderly friend’s side, and her quiet affection sweetened Tails’ final months more than words can say. Don’t let Jan’s timidity or blueberry-shaped bod mislead you: this girl is a confidante and comforter of the highest order when it comes to the cats who need her most.

But back to Suite A, and a human bean’s discovery of Jan atop the ramp. She’s not ready to be your confidante just yet. With her golden eyes as wide as marbles, she’ll follow your movements, scrunching her abundant self into the corner with concern.

Darling JanWord to the wise: don’t take it personally. Jan’s just got her own master plan.

And, if you’re persistent and Jan-smitten, that plan does involve you. Give it time. Keep visiting. And, above all, keep talking. Her own quiet ways notwithstanding, Jan is won over by cooing conversationalists, and she will come down that ramp when she’s convinced you’ve got the gentle heart to match your soft voice.

Once she does? Oh, boy, you’re in trouble – the best kind of trouble.

Have you ever been wrapped in a gigantic patchwork quilt fresh from the dryer?

Such is the bliss of finding Jan’s affections. Her plan is a success when she’s got your heart for good, and you’ve got her happy round head rubbing into your hands with gusto and glee.Jan

Keep this up, and the little patchwork quilt will soon become your favorite work of art. And, really, who wants to be “little” in the traditional sense when you can adore a living-large love-bug like Jan?

4 thoughts on “Jan with the master plan

  1. I think Jan is the sweetest, sofestest cat in Suite A! 🙂 I never knew she was quite the therapy cat! That just makes her all the more loveable in my book! 🙂

  2. If you’re reading this and are close enough to Tabby’s Place to visit, you owe it to yourself to come and snuzzle this wonderful “little” cat — I admit it, I am head over heels in love with her!

  3. i’m so glad to see Jan on this blog. Everytime I am cleaning Suite A I always make sure to look up top the ramp and see how Jan is doing. She is one of my favorites.

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