The Blue and the Grey

The Blue and the Grey

Mr. GreyPsst…this is a hot tip for Mr. Grey‘s fans.

Our favorite feline stoner connoisseur of nepetalactone is continuing his mellow world tour…and he’s now officially joined the ranks of the sponsorable.

Mr. Grey and SantanaThat’s right, Peachy‘s nemesis/paramour (depending on the day) is now ready for the masses to jump aboard as his Special Needs sponsors. He presently has exactly one sponsor (who is not Peachy). He is ready for eight thousand jillion more.

Not that any of this pressure stresses out the cool cat of the Community Room…er, make that Lobby.

I wouldn’t dare to speculate on why Mr. Grey has been banished willingly strolled Mr. Grey and his Woodstock friendsout of the Community Room. I thought I heard Peachy and Pitzel talking some trash about Grey’s habits of peeing on every last square inch of the floor…but I’m sure I heard wrong.

Anyway, Mr. Grey is as cool a character as ever. And, he’s especially cool with the fact that the groovy human bean who will be writing his monthly Special Needs updates has the last name of Blue. (OK, it’s spelled differently. But Mr. Grey doesn’t have time for spelling. It’s about the music, man.)

So the great Grey one and his Blue belle are ready for your sponsoring enjoyment.
The Blue, the Grey and the Mr. GreyIn closing, Mr. Grey has asked that I remind you: keep it real.

We know you will. 😉

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  1. Hats off to Mr. Grey for managing to be present at so many interesting events in history.:-) He’s one well-connected, photogenic kitty. Rock on, Mr. Grey!

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