Epilogues: October 2015

Epilogues: October 2015

21792722324_3260089cf5_zThis can be a funny time of year.

Not funny-ha-ha; funny like Election Day, or hemorrhoids, or ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.

You may be feeling sniffly and stuffy and cranky and creaky.

You may be yearning for the way you felt when you and spring were new.

Fortunately, the cats are here for you. Here come de news…

"For the love of myself, please send me back to a future in which I am not wearing this infernal frockery."
“For the love of myself, please send me back to a future in which I am not wearing this infernal frockery.”

Arrived: Dolorean, Biff, Clara, Flux, Marty McFly, Lorraine, Binx, Raffi, Princess Bubblegum, Randy, Tandy, Morty, Kramer, Jerry, Phil

Adopted: Fred, Todd, Monica, Romy, Calista, Raffi, Tabs, Rabia

Returned: Amy & Hope (together)

Readopted: Hope

Cleared from Quarantine: Hannah, Orion, Tucker, Dolorean, Biff, Clara, Flux, Marty, Lorraine, Binx, Raffi

Cuter Than Any Being Has Any Business Being: Kit

"I didn't ask to be this cute...but I'm handling it as best I can."
“I didn’t ask to be this cute…but I’m handling it as best I can.”

Promoted to Jonathan’s Office: Piper

Promoted to the Lobby: Melanie, Anneke, Raquel

Promoted to the Community Room: Kit, Bunny, Binx, Clara

Promoted to Heaven: Hobbes, Peachy

Stuff we learned: It takes a very special sort of human to see two cats in need of names, and name them Randy and Tandy. Apparently we are that sort of human.

You are hereby refreshed. November on, amici.

Photo credits from de top: Kit by AT , Jackie by Mark, Kit by AT.

3 thoughts on “Epilogues: October 2015

  1. Congratulations to all adopted kitties – so nice to see lovely Monica has found a new forever home! I want to be the first to submit Sandy, Andy, Dandy, Mandy and also Handy for cats in need of names. Also. more heavenly kisses for Hobbes (the handsome) and Peachy – now glowing forever in our memories. Thank you Angela for this update.

  2. I would like to submit the following distinguished names of members of the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors for the fur balls at Tabby’s Place: Stephen (current NBA Most Valuable Player), Klay, Draymond, Festus, Harrison, Moe, Steve (head coach), and Luke (interim head coach). For kitties of the female persuasion – Aesha (Mrs. Stephen Curry), Riley (oldest daughter of the previously mentioned Stephen Curry and star of all postgame press conferences featuring Mr. Curry), and Ryan (younger daughter of Mr. Curry). Additional outstanding choices are Duffman (in honor of my favorite San Francisco Giant Matt Duffy) and Skittle (in honor of Matt’s feline child of the same name). You know you have finally made the big time when you have a homeless cat or kitten named after you!

  3. Actually, I cannot help but wonder why they have not yet used Star Trek names for the kitties. They have five TV series and nine or ten movies worth of characters that they can use.

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