Behaving Toddly

You’ll often hear it said at Tabby’s Place that a cat was returned “for no fault of his own.” Humans mystify. Grace withholds judgment. So we simply focus on the innocence of the innocent: the cat. But, there are exceptions. Todd was returned to us this summer…for every fault of his own.

Fear lies

It won’t appear on your calendar, but this is a very important season for cats, humans, and all assorted animals, vegetables, minerals and politicians. It is the three-week period after Election Day, the great window of mercy…the time when campaign ads are silenced.

Epilogues: October 2014

Tonight, little ghouls and ninja turtles and Groots and Elsas will descend upon your doorstep demanding confections. Next month, the leader of the free world will pardon a turkey. And within the span of seven magical days, we’ve got the pleasures of National Cat Day, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, and the silencing of […]