Epilogues: October 2016

Epilogues: October 2016

30015667943_aaed8183b2_kOctober and all of its surprises are in the books.

Cubs in the Series. Cats in girdles. Swiss-cheesey holes in undisclosed locations.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, Grace was adopted by the driver who first rescued her. (And all the people said, "Duh!")
Why, yes, as a matter of fact, Grace was adopted by the driver who first rescued her. (And all the people said, “Duh!”)

The next time we epilogue together, we’ll have an election and a feast and a smorgasbord of angst behind us. But first, we honor October and its thousand gilded leaves. By which, of course, I mean cats:

Arrived: Tribble, Coal, Mimi, Clover, Sophia

Adopted: Ash and Match (together); Pyro; Alyssa; Dolce; Parker; Acadia and Zion (together); Denali; Tattoo; Quatre and Four (together); Vier; Grace; Gumby; Cuatro; Shenandoah

Returned: Todd, marking his third arrival at Tabby’s Place

(Still) Banished to Ringworm: Roland, Talitha, Jake, Odetta, Randall

Cleared from Quarantine: Nanette, Miss Bea, Jingles, Onyx

We know exactly how you feel, Owen.
We know exactly how you feel, Owen.

Cleared from Ringworm: Adelaide YES ADELAIDE YES I AM YELLING WITH ELATION; Topeka, Irene, Oy, Cisco, Chloe, OJ

Promoted to the Lobby: Nanette, OJ

Promoted to Heaven: Toya, Hildegarde, Pollen

Stuff We Learned: If you save a cat from a dumpster, you will name that cat after your daughter. If you name that cat after your daughter, you will foster that cat. If you foster that cat, you will adopt that cat. (And if you give a mouse a cookie, that mouse will be fattened up for that cat to eat, but that’s another story.)

We’re just one long, collective sigh of relief away from a fresh, new, post-apocalyptic post-election season, kittens. That should prove once and for all: together, we can get through anything and come out singing. And a little cat shall lead us all.

All photos by Mark. Isn’t Mark awesome? Mark for President. Please.


2 thoughts on “Epilogues: October 2016

  1. Angela,

    What is TP’s policy on re-using names? I see you took in a cat named Mimi, when you had a very popular cat by that name not too long ago.

    Shouldn’t she be called Mimi II? Or Mimi 2.0?

  2. Heaven has received some special ladycats, Toya, Hildegarde and beloved Pollen. Rest in peace sweet girls. And Grace’s story has the happiest of endings. It strikes a balance – life at Tabby’s Place. And now – how long before Adelaide gets snatched up by some awesome adopter?

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