Epilogues: December 2014

Epilogues: December 2014

bonnieIf years were condiments, 2015 would be a fresh jar of Jif.

Today is fresh, unsullied, full of poetry and possibility.

But before we plunge into that smooth unknown, here’s one last tarantella with Old Man 2014.

Like 2015, Pascal is still quite new.
Like 2015, Pascal is still quite new.

Arrived: Zoey, Lotti, Yoda, Leia, Aloysius, Mittens, Figs, Eclipse, Knox

Adopted: Leia, Kanye, Nike & Reebok (together), Dalton, Biggie, Todd, Bartholomew, Tenzing, Lenny & Squiggy (together), Laverne, Pythagoras, Bandi, Oksana, Jed

Returned: Nellie

Cleared from Quarantine: Biggie, Kanye, Elsie, Pascal, Pythagoras, Spumoni, Lenny, Laverne, Squiggy, Lotti, Zoey, Yoda, Mittens

Aloysius is new, too.
Aloysius is new, too.

Banished to Ringworm: Aloysius, Eclipse

Promoted to the Community Room: Bandi, Elsie, Pascal, Pythagoras, Zoey, Yoda

Promoted to Heaven: Lady Grey

Thank you for the cats, 2014, and for the love, and the sillies, and the dreams still unfolding. The best is so outrageously yet to come.

Photos: Bonnie sings of 2015 and bacon and peanut butter by Mark. New smidgens by Jess B.

4 thoughts on “Epilogues: December 2014

  1. Sad to hear about Lady Grey – but good news about adoptions. Dear gentle Lady Grey – we will love you always and never forget. In your honor we will all hug our cats and forever love all of the cats and people at Tabby’s Place.

  2. Not knowing much about Lady Grey, I went back and read about her in Felis Catus, and saw that she was already suffering from cancer four years ago.

    Lady, you were a tough little kitty. May you run free and healthy at the RB with Doc Watson and Levi — both of whom can see you now.


  3. I heard that Aloysius was recently adopted! I am so happy for the little guy! My husband and I found him and brought him in back in December on a cold damp day in pretty rough condition. I remember it well, it was my birthday and fate I wasn’t at work that day. It makes me so happy that he found his forever home already! It was hard chosing not to adopt him ourselves – but we wanted to give this cutie a chance to make someone as happy as our two cats Taco and Belle do. He is so handsome and I’d love to hear/see some photos and posts as he adjusts his new place. He will forever be in our hearts! My thanks you to all the folks at Tabby’s Place for giving Aloysius the temporary home and proper care and a chance at a life and love he deserves.

    1. Karen, thank you and your husband so much for rescuing our little marvel. Indeed he was adopted (by a volunteer, no less), and he’s now busy being adored. He will forever owe his life to you. Hugs to Taco and Belle.

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