Epilogues: December 2016

Epilogues: December 2016

32058224015_6ba384c748_oOh December.

Just when we’re ready to write you off as a dastardly doer of dastardly deeds, you give us a thrill of hope, and some out-of-season kittens.

Deep in December, Giselle got adopted. Winter isn't always cold.
Deep in December, Giselle got adopted. Winter isn’t always cold.

You’ll notice, observant creatures that you are, that our “arrived” roster is shorter than usual. That’s because we’re trying a stealthy strategy with our TNR adventures. Female cats are least likely to be in the family way in the bleak midwinter. Accordingly, we aim to trap them and spay them before they can find fellas and get funky. It’s our hope that this will lower the number of needy newborns calling our names come springtime.

As a result, we’re devoting more of our resources (humans, expenses, coffee) to the work of trapping and tipping and snipping. And, in fact, a number of the newbies listed here were “feral failures.” Although characters like Carrie and Eno came to us through TNR, they were too nice or too frail or both to return to the wild blue yonder.

But enough housekeeping. Let’s epilollygag:

Arrived: Matlock (pictured in thumbnail), Perry, Mannix, Columbo, Maybelline, Sephora, Kiko, Margo, Cammi, Chrissy, Stetson, Eno, Antimony, Carrie, Nala

Adopted: Roland; Grommet; Orion; Mack; Tribble; Data & Worf (together); Tonka; Ginger; Leila; Todd; Randall; Sephora & Kiko (together); Beverly; Giselle

Returned: Luke & Rick (together); Elijah; Layla (not to be confused with Leila, still happily adopted)

Don't lose sleep over at Tabby's Place security in 2017. Night watchman OJ certainly won't.
Don’t lose sleep over at Tabby’s Place security in 2017. Night watchman OJ certainly won’t.

Banished to Ringworm: Nyota

Cleared from Quarantine: TiVo, Seeso, Hamlet, Sweet Pea, Matlock, Perry, Mannix, Chrissy

Cleared from Ringworm: Roku, Fire

Promoted to the Lobby: Mimi

Promoted to the Community Room: No one, technically, but Anneke has sure been shopping around for a summer home in here

Promoted to Heaven: Mango, Columbo

Stuff We Learned: Some of youze guyze get us, like really get us. To the donor who sent us a Keurig replacement filter, and the other donor who sent us kawaii kitten post-its, thank you from the bottoms of our properly caffeinated, stuck-on-cute hearts.


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  1. Oh that Matlock! Isn’t he adorable. Giselle – and Todd, get in those laps and tell them how wonderful it is to have a forever home! Stetson, a tip of the hat to you!

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