Epilogues: May 2015

If you read Felis Catus on the regular, you know: we do our Epilogues on the first Friday of the month. That’s Friday as in tomorrow, as in, not today. However, there’s news of Jurassic proportions barreling our way tomorrow. We don’t want to unveil this epic information before it’s officially hatched, though, hence the […]

Guest post: for Jan

One of the best things about loving the cats is letting them link our hearts with other cat-smitten human beans. Case in point: the luminous Karen. I’ve been blessed to develop a special friendship with this feline-adorer, and I stand in awe of her huge love for the cats. Karen has always championed the overlooked, […]

Jan with the master plan

The word “little” has a spectrum of meanings when it refers to cats…and many of those meanings have nothing to do with being small. Take my own “little Dibbles,” who is 18 pounds of tiny titanic tabby adorableness. Or “little Bellis,” who increasingly looks like a creamsicle-colored sausage. Or today’s featured sweetheart, our very own […]