Guest post: for Jan

Guest post: for Jan

JanOne of the best things about loving the cats is letting them link our hearts with other cat-smitten human beans.

Case in point: the luminous Karen. I’ve been blessed to develop a special friendship with this feline-adorer, and I stand in awe of her huge love for the cats. Karen has always championed the overlooked, the underdogscats, and the shy sweeties – especially a certain “little patchwork quilt.” So when the happiest news overtook Jan‘s world this week, it was only right that Karen be the one to sing her send-off song. Thank you, Karen.

Jan, beloved by Karen - and now by her forever familyHow is it possible to be elated and broken-hearted at the same time?

For me, one of the hardest things in life is having to draw the line at the number of cats I can have in my home (I am the person “Crazy Cat Lady” was invented for!).  This truth is especially hard each time I am at Tabby’s Place — I would welcome and cherish forever any cat that has entered those special doors in search of sanctuary, safety and love. 

Yet, there always seem to be a few that get a little deeper into my soul, whose eyes meet mine and speak to a place in my heart that longs to be filled with the special love that only a cat can fill.  And so it has been with Jan, the patchwork bundle of beauty and joy that I fell in love with at first sight.

JanHow I dreamed of the day that I would bring her home!  Mind you, I did not want to lose any of my own cats to make this happen…I just wanted to convince my husband that Jan would be the perfect addition to a home that could always have room for one more!  But common sense prevailed and time passed without my dream being fulfilled.

Now the day has come for Jan’s own dream to come true – every cat’s dream of finding a forever home where she will be loved, doted on, cuddled and cherished. 

JanThe bad news (for me) is that it is not my home…the wonderful news is that two new Awesome Adopters with Excellent Taste have fallen love — and not only with Jan, but with Jester, another wonderful and no-less-deserving-of-a-forever-home-cat who will bond with her and keep her company, and together bring hours, days, months, and years of endless delight to their new human beans. 

To our Awesome Adopters with Excellent Taste — thank you for supporting Tabby’s Place and adopting two very special cats…please love them and cherish them forever (and keep in touch!). 

 To Jan — I will always adore you!  And although my heart cries, how can it not rejoice when I know you will be loved forever?  Have a wonderful new life, little one!

6 thoughts on “Guest post: for Jan

  1. Karen, Jan is a truly pretty cat and I’m sure very loving and affectionate, I can see why you are expressing both happiness for the adoption yet some sorrow at the same time. I’m sure you will get updates and reports from her new home that will help to fill the void that you feel. Consider the fact that everytime a cat leaves Tabby’s Place for a forever home it is not that the cat is gone, it is more like an expansion of Tabby’s Place and what it stands for, and in a case like this there are two cats to help with the expansion.

  2. I first met Jan over two years ago at Tabby’s Place. She used to hide all the time. By and by I got her to a point she became friendly. Then she moved to other rooms and I lost track of her until 3 weeks ago, I went into Suite A. I saw Jan and Sarafina they were both so happy to see me after such a very long time of being apart. I remember both Jan and Sarafina purring so loud over seeing me. I went into Suite A on March 16 and no Jan. Well, now I know where she is in a real home. Goodbye Sweet Jan and Good Luck!

  3. Jan and Jester make a wonderful pair. I am envious of the home that gets to have them for years to come, and wish these lovely kitties and their new forever people all the best! P.S. Please send photos so Angela can show them off to all of us! 🙂

  4. I just met Jan last night… my best friend is the Animal Adopter with Excellent Taste! I can assure you all that Jan and Jester are adored and have a great set up with their own kitty suite in their new home. They are being spoiled with love and stinky fish treats. 🙂

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