Guest post: for Jan

One of the best things about loving the cats is letting them link our hearts with other cat-smitten human beans. Case in point: the luminous Karen. I’ve been blessed to develop a special friendship with this feline-adorer, and I stand in awe of her huge love for the cats. Karen has always championed the overlooked, […]

The royal we

It’s no secret that we’re in the presence of greatness at Tabby’s Place. Some folks call Tashi “the little Prince,” and Peachy is (obviously) in the highest echelon of royalty. But, with a few recent arrivals, we would seem to have a full royal court. Windsor’s got nothing on Tabby’s Place.

Traveler’s tummy

Tabby’s Place is far enough from the border that we’re safe from Montezuma’s revenge. We don’t feed the cats purple yam ice cream or pangolin brains. And there’s no need to get immunized against dysentery before visiting Ringoes, NJ. Despite all of this, our newcomers are still prone to the bane of travelers everywhere: tummy troubles.