The changing cast of characters

The changing cast of characters

AngeloIt happens all the time.

You really get into a TV show and find yourself attached to the characters. Then, one of those stars decides he wants to do movies, explore his opportunities, and leave the show.

Now it’s happened in our favorite sitcom setting at Tabby’s Place, Adoption Room #2.

You can call Angelo the George Clooney of the cast, because he’s left us behind for bigger and better things – forever things, in fact. No longer will our minky-soft boy be part of an ensemble cast. He’s the headliner now, running a show that revolves around all things Angelo.

As it should be.

Angelo, rollin' for loveIt’s honestly a wonder Angelo is such an easygoing character, given all the stops and starts in his short life. Angelo has flirted with forever-home stardom before, only to have it slip through his declawed paws each time.

Our mooshy boy first came to Tabby’s Place from one of New York City’s high kill shelters, along with such fellow luminaries as Buzzy, Marshmallow and Esmeralda. From the start, Angelo’s story was a standout. He was the first and only cat ever to come to Tabby’s Place declawed but unneutered. A further look into his past showed drama worthy of a Lifetime original movie, if not an episode on Jerry Springer; Angelo had been surrendered to the New York shelter after his owner attempted to drape him around her neck as a scarf, and he bit her.

Um. So many things come to mind here…none of them kind or edifying. So I shall hold my tongue.

Angelo, rollin rollin rollin...Once at Tabby’s Place, Angelo proved himself an instant love-bug, especially following our promises that he would never have to take a supporting role as a scarf again. Jonathan – who has met a few cats in his time – went so far as to declare Angelo “the nicest cat in the world.” I hope there’s room on his “nicest cat” trophy to also engrave the words “softest” and “handsomest,” because, as you can see, Angelo has the movie-star looks to match his loving heart.

So it was no great surprise when he was adopted swiftly by a loving family. Alas, the family’s unexpected tribulations meant Angelo’s bags were soon packed again. It was back to Tabby’s Place.

Why do some stars blaze their way to fame and forever homes right out of the gate, while others must toil in community theater – or adoption rooms, as the case may be – for eons? There’s no logical accounting for the alchemy that happens when the right human beans and the right cat make forever-love gold.

Angelo by DanielleHappily, there’s also no doubt that it’s finally happened for Angelo. As easygoing and smooshy-gooshy as ever with his weird castmates in Adoption Room #2, he rolled and purred and snuggled his way into just the right hearts this past weekend.

Would that every cat should find such stardom!

Angelo’s are huge pawprints to fill, and we’d become quite enamored of our happy-hearted boy at Tabby’s Place. Truth be told, I’m now feeling the Angelo-sized void each time I visit Max, Trey and Cypress in Adoption Room #2. 

But, much more than that, I’m celebrating his big win. And, I trust, the “after-party” in Angelo’s forever home will go on for a lifetime of love.

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  1. It appears that this is shaping up to be a stellar year for finding forever homes and in keeping with your TV references Angela let’s hope it makes the top headline on the 6:00 news, that’s where Tabby’s Place belongs to show the public everything that you people are doing.

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