Breaking news from Suite Marmalade

Breaking news from Suite Marmalade

dobro1001-90x9011Surprise, surprise.

Come nightfall, the biggest ginger guy in Adoption Room #1 isn’t so fearful after all. At least, not around marmalade sorts.

Special thanks to Kelly for her quick, cat-like reflexes in snapping some amazing photos just in time. As she and Vance were closing up for the night, Kelly took a glance towards the darkened Suite Marmalade…and saw a very glorious sight.

Dobro out, visible and enjoying the window

Yes, that is Dobro. And it gets even better:

Dobro & Steve by Kelly

OK, so there’s no mistaking the fact that Dobro’s face screams, “back off, vile human bean.” Never mind the human beans right now – there’s a bond beginning to grow between the feral wonder and the bashful baby.

Next week Hunter joins the mix, and you know what that means: moments of mighty marmalade-trio cuteness ahead. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Breaking news from Suite Marmalade

  1. I had a goofy thought over the weekend……..your last Dobro post mentioned him being like the Mafia. I recall Hunter being a little devil. I hope we don’t end up with a Marmalade Mafia 🙂 (yes, you can roll your eyes now LOL)

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