Rest from their labors

Rest from their labors

28526512430_8cb4fe4b70_zFor the fruits of your labors, the Tabby’s Place cats thank you.

You donate. You share our stories. You pray. You love. You labor your legwarmers off…and your labors do not go unnoticed.

So today, the cats have a simple Labor Day message for you. To put it into words would be laborious, so I’ll just let them cat it out for you:

Steve would teach you some old labor songs, but that would be work.
Amos would interact with you, but that would be work.
Galadriel would share her perch with her neighbors, but that would be work. (It would also be inconceivable.)
Boots would open both eyes, but that would be very strenuous work.
Charlie would open both eyes, but that would be very strenuous work. And also a miracle.
Angel would cut you an extra ten minutes’ slack in bringing Third Lunch, but that would be excruciating work. And a step backwards for justice.
Swiffer could find a better chin pillow, but that would be work.
McNulty would explain his unified theory of physics to you, but that would be work.
Johnny would unfurl from shrimp pose, but that would be work.
Frank could fix the deficit, but that would be work.
Misty could bring peace to the Middle East, but that would be work.
Union president Jackie would like to remind you that it is perfectly acceptable for you to work today, so long as it is on her behalf.
Union maid Olive has paused her yoga session until tomorrow.
Rose and Boom would kiss each other’s heads today, but that would be — wait, that would be a labor of love. And that’s always acceptable.

N.B.: Today may be a “holiday” in the “United States,” but Tabby’s Place is a sovereign nation that does not respect any treaties or thoughts or traditions of other lands. Accordingly, we are open for our normal hours. Sally is now growling for me to get back to work.

2 thoughts on “Rest from their labors

  1. There is nothing better than opening computer and seeing wonderful Tabby’s Place cat faces! Keep up the good work on Labor Day, kitties – bringing joy and making us smile! The Presidential candidates will be calling soon – to talk to Frank and get his ideas on how to fix the deficit!

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