Guest post: Schrodinger’s name

Guest post: Schrodinger’s name

Actor and singing powerhouse Billy Porter has a name that puts me in mind of entertainment legends Billie Holiday and Cole Porter.

I wonder whether this was intentional or a happy accident. Without knowing one way or the other, Schrodinger would accept my stipulation that both are simultaneously true.

The answer would be very easy to find out, but too pedestrian. Right now, this man who can SANG reminds me of both the “lady who sings the blues” and the man who gave us songs that are part of the soundtrack of our lives.

It’s Schrodinger’s thought experiment at work, reminding us that sometimes the question is more interesting and fun than knowing the answer.

To elucidate, we cat fanciers greatly enjoy speculating about what goes on in cats’ brains. Just what are they thinking?

A great many of us enjoy scripting conversations with, and monologues for, the Tabby’s Place crew, as well as our own fur-kids. Sometimes, we even provide different voices and speech patterns. Sometimes, we might even get close to being right. Sometimes, hmm.

Simon‘s purrs and Carrot‘s nuzzles are very clear. They translate into “pet me, pay attention to me.”  On the flip side, Anka‘s shows of belly are not requests for tummy rubs. Archer‘s most fetching glances definitely do not mean “come hither.” It’s important to know the difference.

Until we learn enough about each cat, we are in a Schrodinger-type situation. We have to assume that a cat is both interested and not interested in our attention at the same time. We need to be cautious, while ensuring all wants and needs are met.

Cats are all mysteries until we unlock their codes. Coming to understand each personality is challenging and interesting, although we never really understand them completely.

And that’s okay.

There’s more fun in finding out.

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  1. Speculating about what goes on in their brains – we have a family legend about translating cat expressions to cat speak. Kissing my cat and nuzzling his face and lips and he is withdrawing slightly and looking down his nose at me. My husband said. “Peanut is saying “I don’t need to look at you that close!””

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