Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color White Buff
Markings Tabby
Personality Affectionate Outgoing Independent Feisty
How I Feel About Children Not Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Cautious
How I Feel About Cats Not Comfortable
Age 9 years
Special Considerations

Needs behavior training, Needs to be only cat

Archer is one truly stunning boy. He loves to lounge in the cat hammock in the front window of his suite, smugly showing off his beautiful orange coat and glistening amber eyes. He blinks slowly and calmly at visitors, beckoning you closer so you can fully admire him and offer some love.

Archer was hand-raised from just four weeks old when he was found abandoned with no mother to care for him. He was lovingly raised in foster care until he was old enough to be adopted. Because he had so much love and care from humans from a young age, Archer adores people and can be very loving and affectionate.

After being adopted, Archer would play and wrestle and sometimes bite his owners. What seemed like innocent kitten play sadly developed into a pattern of biting behavior, and led to Archer being returned to us. Despite his biting habits, Archer is not a mean cat. He just hasn’t developed good boundaries with people. We are working with Archer to teach him appropriate ways to interact with people, but it’s a long process. We all know changing patterns that have been ingrained in us is very difficult. Fortunately, Archer is a star student, and he really wants to be a good boy.

For now, Archer would do best with an experienced owner who has basic knowledge of cat behavior and could continue his training. Could you give Archer the extra love he needs to bring out the well-behaved companion cat that we know is inside him?

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