Guest post: Fear of failing

Guest post: Fear of failing

We all have atrocious days.

Sometimes they make up a whole week…or more.

The world pounds us into babbling globs of mush, and we feel as if nothing is good and we absolutely cannot do anything right.

I have just experienced one such week among too many this year. Physical challenges were heaped upon by emotional challenges. Worrying news specific to now was overshadowed by sad news specific to my circle.

So trust me when I tell you, you don’t have to feel like everything is okay, and not everything has to be right in order for everything essentially to be okay.

My quadrad of quadrupeds reminds me daily that, as long as we have each other, we are alright.

The fine, furry quadrupeds of Tabby’s Place remind us all daily that we are alright. We must be, because we’re here, and we’re spreading the hope and the love.

Some choice spreaders of the good stuff are recent adoptees. Bagels have flown out of their baskets and into forever homes. Everything is fine, as in, “all things are fine,” and also as in, “bagel-kittens are fine with waiting patiently for the perfect home.”

Fiesta and Crunchwrap (pictured here in her wardrobe of collars) are fine with their adorable names, with being free from ringworm, and with the trajectory they are on for their allergies coming under control…with help and time.

Tabby’s Place alum and return Pete (pictured here, repeatedly for greatness’ sake) is fine with every ounce of attention he can soak up. My household is less fine with me suddenly breaking the silence by shouting “PETE!” when I see that beautiful tux on Facebook.

The moral of this story is, all is and shall continue to be well.

Don’t fear failing, because failing isn’t something you can actually achieve.

Flail, maybe…for a little bit…but remember: cats aren’t the only ones who always land on their feet.

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