Forever Loved: Fiesta

Heartbroken preface: One of the gifts and hazards of writing this blog a bit in advance is that I can’t know what tomorrow knows. On the “yesterday” when these words hit the blank screen, Fiesta’s party prevailed at full volume. On the “today” when tears hit my keyboard, our tiny merry-maker has already gone on […]

Guest post: FOMO

In the beforetimes, there were articles making the rounds about how Millennials (or Gen Y, or Z, or some group of youths…I dunno, really) weren’t dating the way “we” (X’ers, Boomers, and prior generations) did. Committing to a cup of coffee at any time prior to the actual time of, “Hey, wanna grab a cup […]

Epilogues: October 2021

If witches have “familiars” (cats, toads, bats, senators, etc.), we — whatever we are at Tabby’s Place — have “peculiars.” Halloween has come. Halloween has gone. All Saints and All Souls have made their annual appearance. But holidays are perpetual at the Place called Tabby’s, and we’re rich in treats and tricksters, holy mischief-makers and […]

Guest post: Bloggario

It seems likely that even our most sheltered readers (yes, humans need shelter too!) have at least a smidgen of Spanish words en su volcabulario… their vocabulary. Considering the vast swaths of the western hemisphere that consist of Spanish-speaking nations, it would be surprising if that weren’t the case. Piñata might be the most fun […]