Guest post: Bloggario

Guest post: Bloggario

It seems likely that even our most sheltered readers (yes, humans need shelter too!) have at least a smidgen of Spanish words en su volcabulario… their vocabulary.

Considering the vast swaths of the western hemisphere that consist of Spanish-speaking nations, it would be surprising if that weren’t the case. Piñata might be the most fun of those words (SMASHY SMASH SMASH!! CAAAAANNNNDDDYY!!), but there are two much more important words that we in the Tabby’s Place family should know. (Cats say those words are gatos y comida –  cats and food. They make a good case; no, but close.)

The two words we all need to know are siesta and fiesta (with appropriate capitalization in certain cases – Get it? Cases? Grammar humor. Oh, never mind.). In the exact words of one of my high school teachers, “Lemme esplain you, alright?”

A very much awake Siesta

There are two feisty youngsters at Tabby’s Place who are situated suites-apart from each other (actually, Siesta is in a “room” that is technically not a “suite” at all, but that’s a minor technicality). They each also came to Tabby’s Place with allergies requiring special care. Even so, neither can be dismissed or otherwise sneezed at.

Siesta is a feast for the eyes. Fiesta is a professional napper. The inverse cat-tributes are also true. Although Verde wishes Siesta would take more siestas…at a significant distance and preferably out of view.  El Tigre, meanwhile, feasts on the companionship shared with Fiesta and can’t get close enough.

Though initially nervous at a first meeting, these two youths are each a party for the people who visit them – all holiday streamers and fairy lights, a joyous celebration of affection and adorableness.

Both Fiesta and Siesta exude exuberant life. Even those among us mere bipeds (2 feet short of fabulous!) with the most meticulous organizational skills will throw hands up and plans out in order to delight in the joys of Siesta and Fiesta. Together these kitties balance each other out and are a total treat to behold.

So, whether you’re more keen on a nosh with Fiesta and a nap with Siesta, or vice versa, party on.

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