Guest post: Cold feet

Guest post: Cold feet

My right foot is cold despite my super adorable rainbow sock. It may have something to do with the ice pack (Much obliged, Loki, mistress of the misstep).

My left foot is keeping metaphorical company. In short, now is worrying.

At this point, I have some jitters about almost every activity outside my home. These jitters are the kind many, as I understand hypothetically only, experience on their wedding day: not quite frozen in place, but filled with trepidation at taking what feels to be a very bold (dare I say brazen?) step into the great unknown.

People are discussing plans. Mine are all for some vague later that may not even materialize until 2022. People are having ideas and planning togetherness. Not me. Not my house. Not except as expressly essential.

“Together” is a wonderful concept, though. Put into practice, it has more limited meaning right now. But, in a very practical sense, the Tabby’s Place community feels like it is together with me and everyone else in ways that were less obvious before.

Adoption, foster, and medical updates have always been there. The newsletter, blog, and Facebook page have always been there. Granted, “always” is limited to the 2000s, but let’s not nitpick. We’re talking cats, not monkeys.

Anyway, being a great ape, I swung past chez kitty because I had to leave my home today. Though sad for not being able to stop in, my main feeling was gratitude. I am truly grateful for each and every warm body housed within, quadrupeds and biped alike, temporary and permanent residents in kind.

Lovely Luna, clever Claire, wonderful Wonton, and all their fellow inhabitants provide a source of joy and emotional nourishment.

They warm the cockles of my heart all the way down to my icy cold feet.

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  1. Know what you mean. It makes me happy that there is a special spot in New Jersey where cats are safe and warm, sheltered and adored. Tabby’s Place is like a warm glow in my life.

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