Guest post: Hot foot

Guest post: Hot foot

Sitting with a wonderfully toasty heating pad wrapped around my right foot and Paul McCartney crooning about his love makes me feel all gooshy inside.

Okay, not exactly gooshy, but nice. I like the song, despite the sappiness, and I really love the heating pad.

Too bad there are no cats around to share the warmth. It’s sad, because we all know how much cats love heating pads. And, it’s a shame to let all that delicious heat dissipate instead being converted into cat energy.

Cat energy is good.

Heat is good.

At Tabby’s Place, we have microwavable disks that have their own pouches to make them cozier. The solarium crews might be enjoying them right now. Maybe the big heaters are on, too. When does the Plexiglas go up?

Despite feeling out of touch by not knowing the status of winterization at kitty kingdom, my imaginings of shared, albeit distant, heat give me the warm fuzzies.

This is the perfect time for warm fuzzies, and for thinking of Steven, Carrot, and Pepita, particularly, but not exclusively. The temperature is embarking on its annual dip into the freezer. My hubby is off to obtain a hot meal blissfully made by not me. The Tabby’s Place kitties are well fed. All is ready for the drift into winter.

Sure, things could be better this autumn, winter, and likely next spring too. But, there is a lot of good to look forward to: cat videos, Tabby’s Place newsletters, vaccines, Russell Stover caramel hearts.

For now, I’ll just enjoy those happy thoughts…almost as much as I am enjoying having one very hot foot.

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